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“Did you bring Sam’s goggles?”

Rainy day run movie

Dave is such a nut – for some inexplicable reason, I wanted to go for a run with the boys (all three of them). It didn’t matter that it was raining out. Really raining. I mean, in Washington I ran throughout the winter (think freezing rain, golf-ball hail storms, 30knot winds…)

Sammy cooks for mommy


Video: sammy-makes-pb-and-j.wmv 

After my Manwich debacle, Sam took over in the kitchen! I came out from putting Ben down for his nap to find all the PB and J gone…

Sam’s dance moves! – A guest post from Gramma

Video: Sam’s Dance Moves at Best Buy 

OK, I’m going to “talk story” as they say here in Hawaii . . . Sam’s mom and dad were in Best Buy scoping out a laptop to replace Alli’s which has a dead fan.  We browsed laptops and when they were ready to buy, I (gramma) got sent on a mission to take Sam on the escalator to the upstairs.  He’d been dying to go up.  As we approached, he said, “I will show you how to do it, gramma!”  So, up we went.

A champion swimmer and a champion chomper!


Video: Sam swimming

The picture above was taken by Dave underwater, looking up at Sam. He’s got new goggles on for all his swimming and diving “tricks” as he calls them.

Broom hockey with Uncle Tim!


Uncle Tim making do with what he can find around here – inline skates, a broom and a kid’s golf club!

Video: broom hockey!

Sam is really going to miss his Uncle Tim. We had a banner day today – planting the garden that Dave built in the side walkway, including digging a big hole to plant a papaya tree I bought Dave for his birthday (in Dec!). It was so great to see (and hear!) Tim and Sam working away side by side. Sam took the empty planter pots and stacked them up out of the way, then he sprayed water in the holes before putting the plants in. I put him in a chair in the shade with water so he could relax and “help” Uncle Tim but within 30 seconds he decided he was done “relaxing” and wanted to work. What a nice boy. Meanwhile I was staining the deck and pruning the rest of the yard. Ben was due today…guess he decided it wasn’t time quite yet. Sam got to swim in the pool twice today – once after all our yardwork and then again when Dave got home. He loves jumping off the side and floating around under the water with his goggles on. He’s really working on teaching himself to swim and making wonderful progress. Soon we’ll do swimming lessons – but for now he’s very determined to teach himself and insists “no! don’t help me!”

Paddleboarding adventure


Video: Alli and Ben SUP in stiff wind and current

Mom rented the paddleboard again so she could work on standing up before Pete leaves for WA on Tues. Unfortunately the trade winds weren’t cooperating and they were much stronger today than predicted. The waves were choppy and the current very strong. Mom got to her knees well but standing up is quite a challenge. I tried my hand at it and was only up for about a minute or so. I practiced on my knees for quite some time, learning what the current and swells were doing so I’d be able to manage once standing. If I were more confident, knew what I was doing (!) and not pregnant…it would be super fun! Still hooked on it. I need a board 🙂

Paddleboarding, and “I’m a cornivore!”


Video: paddleboarding

Mom rented a paddleboard (a long surfboard) so we could try it out today. The water looked calm enough to give it a go. It was really fun! A bit tricky to balance with my center of gravity so different. I found it much easier to cruise on my knees but did stand up a few times. Sammy rode with me in front and also paddled me around in the kayak. We had a great time. Mom and Pete did really well, too. Mom dove off the board a few times and unfortunately lost a paddle. She got a lot of exercise today between paddleboarding and walking the beach looking for the paddle! Thanks for all the great photos of our fun adventure, mom!

Tonight we went to the commissary because I was totally out of most staples (had to go paddleboarding, what can I say?!). At the checkout Sammy pointed to our corn on the cob and said, with a twinkle in his eye, “I’m a cornivore. I eat corn.” Yes, he knows herbivore and carnivore . . . I teach him strange things. He also knows how to tell if he’s hydrated or not by checking the color of his . . . This was a ploy to get him to stop saying “but I don’t have to go” when I know he does and we’re about to leave bathroom proximity for some time. He doesn’t want to miss out on anything!

ball kick-and-catch movie


video: ball kick and catch

The video above is Sam showing off his kick and catch skills at Gramma and Grandpa Pete’s little cottage. It is wonderful to see him have so much fun with at least one set of grandparents. Wish all the family could be so close! At least we’ve had wonderful extended adventures each year back to the east coast to see everyone. Those are great memories.

Also above is a picture from weekend adventures up to the North Shore. We had quite a day doing random things while waiting for the truck to get serviced: breakfast at IHOP, then romping in the water at Turtle Bay Resort (Sam is getting pretty good at doggie paddling), followed by a nap on the beach while Dave and I spotted whales breaching offshore (they were huge!), then off to Laniakea beach to see our friends the honu (turtles) basking in the late afternoon sun, then finally driving through Haleiwa where we had ice cream for dinner!

New trampoline tricks

Video: Knee jump-ups

Video: One-legged hopping

Thanks to mom for grabbing these videos while I got to just enjoy watching my little boy teach himself some new tricks on the trampoline. He goes and goes for 30 minutes straight – this time I couldn’t even entice him off for water. He responded “No, I can just stay right here and YOU can go get my water.” He didn’t want to get off! These videos show a little slice of his tricks – hopping on one leg and jumping to his knees then popping right back up to his feet. He taught himself that one and kept working at it until he really got it.

Day 31: announcing thumbelina


Video: Ultrasound of heartbeat

Sammy and I are back in NJ now – staying with Dad and Marilou for a few days, then down to Delaware to visit Aunt Kate, then back up and hopefully catching a flight home on Sunday. We have over 2000 miles on the car, traveled through 7 states, and stayed in 9 homes. It has been wonderful to see so many people and reconnect with dear friends from many years ago. I have a lot of work to do uploading pictures from the last week, but that must wait until after I’ve done some “real” work 🙂

huli huli


video: Kayaking adventures

We got the kayaking bug this weekend, so on Sat late afternoon we saddled up and went to Kailua Beach park. Our destination, if the waves looked ok, was Flat Island (Popoia).

Surfin’ safari


Video: Sammy surfs!

Here’s a little movie of our buddy learning to surf. He’s also wearing big boy underpants now (pirates today!) I tried surfing on the boogie board, too. It was pretty cool. I actually had about an inch of clearance between sand and board with half of my body underwater 🙂 Still, I could kinda learn the feel of balancing on a board. Hey Doug – I know it’s pathetic, but it’s a step in the right direction! Looking forward to our next adventure on the boards, brah 🙂

PS – Sammy went on a run with me down our marsh trail. It’s become one of our favorite outings. I run as fast as I can the ~1.5mi to the turnaround point, then we do stretches (and I recover from some nausea!) and he jogs as far as he wants. Usually he goes about 1/2 mi, but yesterday he had his running shoes on (he is SOOOOO cute in those little running shoes!) and decided to jog then walk/jog pushing the stroller all the way home. Poor guy even got some chafing like a real runner. What a trooper. I can’t believe how much energy he has! He ate a big dinner and then a special dessert that daddy made – fudge brownies with peanut butter cup ice cream and whipped cream…and…well I’ll stop there. It was first day off on leave dessert 🙂 We have a busy couple days lined up then hope to catch a space-a flight to WA on Thursday for a few days. We miss the area, especially during the warm, dry summer months.

Sammy’s first running shoes


Video: Sammy tests out his new running shoes

Sammy and I went for a little jog yesterday to test out some new running shoes. I really couldn’t resist getting these for him since he has been jogging the last couple weeks. I didn’t like the idea of rocks in his Crocs – that would be uncomfortable while jogging! I thought it was time to reward my little buddy for being such a good jogging partner. Yes, I’m aware that his interest may fade, and that I shouldn’t project what makes me happy onto him. He may not grow up liking to hike, either. The best I can do is include him, make it as fun as possible, and enjoy the time together while it lasts. He didn’t take to his running shoes the way he did to his hikers. It’s interesting to watch his personality develop – he’s at the same time loving and expressive as much as he is deliberately independent. So I know it doesn’t make sense to imbue anything he says or does with too much significance right now. He’s very amoeba-like . . . and I guess good parenting involves allowing him that room wherever possible. . .

family run takes on a whole new meaning

Video: Sammy gets some pirate gear from Tito Pig and Tita Bear!

Dave and I went for a little jog the other day along the marsh trail by our home. Sammy wanted to get out and jog at our turnaround point. I figured he’d go a couple hundred yards and get back in. But he actually “jogged” – picked a pace that he could sustain and kept going! I had only just mentioned it to him a week ago on base – the concept of jogging. He must have liked it, I guess! Although I never push running, sometimes we play around with races and he draws a starting line and then says “on your mark, ready, set, go!” and we’re off to the races. I can’t describe how it moved me to see him running beside me. His little form jogging, swinging his arms just like a little jogger. If you ever (EVER) doubt the power of a parent’s influence, don’t. Several days later I’m still floored.

You would think I’m exaggerating if I told you how far he ran…you’d think it was one of those tall Alli stories, or that I’m a lunatic endangering her child. (People already wonder about my hiking with him and how far a child can comfortably walk!) Soooo…you wanna know? Ok. Dave can vouch for me and Sammy…about 1/2 a mile. No kidding! He stopped twice for a total of about 20 seconds. I thought he might want to quit but he took a breath and picked right back up after picking out a new “finish line.” When we thought he’d actually had enough and accept a ride, he still refused and said “NO! I wanna run!” We convinced him to take a drink and let mommy and daddy run for a bit 🙂 What a kid! Yes, Leo, if you’re reading – I actually took his pulse (try doing that with a squirmy sweaty kid) to see if he was ok. It was about 150bpm. I’m assuming that’s fine because kids’ pulses typically run a little faster than ours, right? I still have to look that one up. Or you can shoot me a line if you know the answer 🙂 Enjoy the video of the little pirate. It’s about 90 seconds long.

video of Sammy saying his whole name!

Video: Sammy says his whole name! Dave and I are really busy working long hours but wanted to take a few minutes to share Sammy learning to say his whole name. We hope to resume a more relaxed life in a week or two 🙂 Enjoy!