A champion swimmer and a champion chomper!


Video: Sam swimming

The picture above was taken by Dave underwater, looking up at Sam. He’s got new goggles on for all his swimming and diving “tricks” as he calls them. He has numerous different swims – snorkel swim (slow swimming while looking around under water), turtle swim (big flipper strokes to the side), “knee” swim (goofy swim where he sinks down and puts his knees on the floor of the pool and hops around), “dance” swim (side-to-side hops under water) and too many more! It’s taken us a while to capture all these swims on camera because I managed to break our underwater camera about 3 weeks ago while snorkeling. I guess the seal wasn’t secured. This new Olympus SW1030 is really great – the underwater colors are awesome. I can’t wait to snorkel again!!! So enjoy the video of Sam swimming and click on the picture for more underwater photos. We are very proud of all he’s learned while playing in the water with Dave. It’s been very special watching the two of them romp together. Dave is a wonderful teacher and Sam is very confident now.

In other news – Ben made it back up to his hefty birth weight in 8 days. I think that’s some kind of record. The nurses were amazed. They’re supposed to do that by 2 weeks.

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