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Portland hockey tournament over Thanksgiving

Ben and his buddy making W signs before a game (for Warriors - or maybe WIN?).

Ben and his buddy making W signs before a game (for Warriors – or maybe WIN?).

We were in Portland over the Thanksgiving weekend for a hockey tournament. It was a lot of fun! Not so great driving back on Sunday, but we managed just fine and even squeezed in a trip to some outlets to get the kids new shoes. They go through them about every three months.

Here is the video of the first game, including the first goal of the tournament which I happened to grab! Enjoy! (Dave wasn’t able to come so I did film quite a bit of Sam’s ice time so he could see some of it at least.) You might want to turn your volume down…

First away game – a tough one!

Getting ready to head out onto the ice!

Getting ready to head out onto the ice!

During warmups

During warmups

We enjoyed watching a big rivalry last night – the West Sound Warriors Junior A team (16-20 yr olds) against the Wenatchee Wolves. It went into overtime! I didn’t want to stay past the first period since we had a game today (Sat) and it would be a busy day, but it was a great game and I decided to just go for it. You can always sleep another day. Here’s some video of Ben providing some entertainment in the stands between periods…he is hilarious!

And here’s Sam’s first away game in Lynnwood (across the water near Edmonds). He got black breezers, too, so he looks really sharp. No more spotting him in the blue pants now. You’ve got to keep an eye out for #17 – white helmet. Ben also got skates at Play It Again Sports while we were there. So the little guy has his own gear now.

Here’s Sam’s game! Another playlist for you!

Ice hockey bake sale clips!

Ice hockey players and awesome mom, Leni!

Ice hockey players and awesome mom, Leni!

We’re an ice hockey family now! I’m our team’s manager and am helping the kids fundraise so they can be a part of the effort to get them to two tournaments this year. I had no idea how much effort goes into being a “hockey mom” but now I know some of it! Although I have little balance in my life right now due to commuting 45 min each way to Bremerton, I am learning a few things…how to make good use of the time in the car (carpooling with one other family), how to pack dinners (two every night – before practice and after), how to cook hockey puck brownies (they were actually pretty good!), and how to hockey stop! Ok – so here are some video clips from today, selling hockey puck brownies on Bainbridge with another mom who made DELICIOUS cookies with peanut butter dipped in chocolate. Thanks, Leni and Josh! That was a lot of fun! Ok so we’re back at home now and I still have a lot of “pucks” I’d like to sell off. We grabbed some pizza and then headed out again to the end of our driveway to see what we might be able to shake loose. We were at $115, with a goal of $200. Sam is hilarious in this one! I was taking a back seat (no one wants to sell to a parent – it’s all about the kids!). But I did get a little tired of just hanging out in the trees (Ben kept going “MOM! THEY’RE NOT COMING BECAUSE THEY CAN SEEEE YOU!”). So…hockey mom got in the game. And closing with this one of Ben in the stands Friday night. We went to practice for Sam, then stayed for a Warriors game (the Junior A team – guys ages about 16-20). They are very good, and the boys loved all the music, noise of banging on the bleachers, and the fast pace. They were slack-jaw much of the time – between bites of nachos (chips and cheese sauce). Fun night!

If you’d like to send us a little wrist shot of support, please see the website I set up with the help of one of our amazing  parents who works for Adobe and just happens to be launching this neat app…TOMORROW! Please mention Sam Krug in any comments so we can attribute his donations properly. If you’d like to give to the team anonymously, you certainly may! Many thanks!

Dressage training

If you are interested in what my dressage training is all about, here are a couple videos (and if you go to the channel, you can see more). Emmy is the spirited Irish Cob I am “borrowing” from Steve and Theresa just down the road from Janet’s Whitethorn Farm where I train. Theresa filmed the clinic with guest instructor Bill Woods for me so I could watch it again. Today I finally summoned the noogies to watch – I truly hate my lower leg position but since we continue to work on canter departs I decided to ignore the leg and take in the instruction once again! I’m also including a video from November 18, 2013 so you can see the progression over 10 months. Much work remains, but I can see progress, and I am noting how patient my instructors are. Geez it takes a long time to retrain the body! I am very grateful to have an opportunity to work with Janet after 26 years out of the saddle. I’ve been riding twice a week for the last 7 months and have only missed two rides this summer thanks to a steady stream of great high schoolers who have been able to hang out with the boys and other neighborhood kids. I can’t recommend Janet Grunbok highly enough. As Steve says, the progress to date compared to where I started is night and day!  If you want an excellent instructor on Bainbridge Island, look no further. Janet is the consummate professional, always reading, thinking, seeking additional training for herself, and furthering her students’ understanding of dressage with selected readings from the web and dressage publications. Her lessons are focused and build on the fundamentals. Each time I come away exhilarated and with a goal to work on between lessons. I sure wish I’d known Janet when I was 8 years old and starting to ride my first pony! First lesson with Janet! I was on the longe line until February while we worked on balance, among myriad other things. You learn a lot just hanging out with Janet in the barn!

Sign Spinner

Ben helping recruit customers to buy eggs donated to a roller hockey team fundraiser!

Ben helping recruit customers to buy eggs donated to a roller hockey team fundraiser!

Here they are talking to a neighbor and team mate, and the car behind them is one of the coaches! Wow - pretty good publicity!

Here they are talking to a neighbor and team mate, and the car behind them is one of the coaches! Wow – pretty good publicity!

This seemed like a decent way to offload a huge pile-up of eggs in our fridge (since I finally went to the market and needed some real estate back!). Turns out Ben is an amazing sales person! He helped pull in the customers, while Sam did the math checking (one person said how much are they and Ben said “Five cents!” – Sam jumped in and corrected that one!). A friend came down in his gear and helped out, too. They were awesome together. Ben was so enthusiastic that one customer turned around and came back. He said “I turned around because of YOU (Ben) and your enthusiasm.” He tipped Ben an extra $2. Isn’t that so nice? He is a science teacher in the district. Another lady bought two dozen but gave the kids $40 – essentially donating $30!!! I wish I could have thanked her but I was inside washing up another two dozen! I was watching Ben from the shadows to be sure his enthusiasm didn’t propel him into the road…we set up a hockey stick on the ground so he wouldn’t get too close. Needless to say…I did not get the office time today that I needed. Oh well. They raised $74!

Enjoy this video 🙂


Watching the dough rise

My dressage instructor has a colleague who created a video for husbands regarding dressage. It describes several analogies for watching someone practice the discipline of dressage – one of them resonated with me because it pertained to dough. Well – here’s the latest installment from Emmy’s owner, Steve, who graciously comes to lessons with me and manages to film the good, the bad and the ugly. This is a shorter one so I’ll post it. You can find other ones at Steve’s channel if you REALLY like watching the dough rise 🙂 Seriously – there is a lot of good learning going on and I can’t wait to work on it some more. It’s fun being “off leash” as my dear husband calls it (not on the longe line) but it is also much more challenging. I’m working on rein aids but I can feel my seat falling apart under me. More saddle time… Thanks to Steve for filming (and the great horse!) and Janet for her excellent instruction.

Riding lesson

Today was a great lesson. Steve and I got to the barn early with Emmy and had time to longe her first to get the ya-yas out. Today we worked on posting and leg position. I wrote a little reflection on my lesson:

Riding lesson with Emmy!

Riding lesson with Emmy!

 Undoing the hunter-jumper mindset – the myth of the quiet seat.

Is it possible that all my training and years of riding as a girl basically just taught me how to stay on a horse vs. really drive it with my seat? I think so. I thought I knew how to ride, but I am learning that I never truly did. I was just staying on most of the time. Having a stubborn pony helped me develop strong legs, and my trainers did a good job in the fundamentals. I learned to drive the horse with my legs and use my upper body (forward or backward inclination) to communicate speed. But I’m not sure I really got training in the use of my seat other than try to keep it!

For instance, good posting meant you looked decent getting around the ring. The idea was not to flop all over. Now that I am learning the discipline of dressage, I am throwing some element of my previous training out each lesson. However, sometimes I don’t know what I’m supposed to throw out until I unravel why I keep doing what I’m not supposed to do. Why am I supposed to be thrusting my hips forward so assertively with each post? Today I finally understood that the swing of the hips through the post is not about appearance, but rather serves to drive the horse forward. Now I get why we’ve been working on it. The point is the function it serves, not simply the form. Proper form will follow (eventually) if I can keep focused on the function.

Now I just need to find a way to ride more!

Here’s a video of the lesson. At 0:55 sec Emmy got spooked by something so I got to enjoy an unexpected canter. 😉 Thanks to Steve for capturing this!

Veterans Day 2013

Sam played the national anthem again for a really beautiful Veterans Day assembly.

Sam played the national anthem again for a really beautiful Veterans Day assembly.

Missing Uncle Steve…but we’re still up to no good!

Uncle Steve loved to mess with the boys while he was here, and they sure loved it! Here is Ben in the “bird cage”! We soon got Sam in there and covered it up – that is supposed to make birds go quiet. Having a big strong man around during the day to mess with the boys (while I was working, writing papers and such) sure made it a very interesting and boisterous house! We have so many funny memories.

Here are a couple things Steve always said, which we find ourselves saying all the time…

“Ahoy there!”

“How was school, Sam? Gooood?”

“You kids like stickers? Ah know ah do!”


We miss you, Uncle Steve! Miss all of your humor, wit, insights into the world around us, your quiet browsing on your laptop at the table, bringing new farmer friends over, homemade pizza to die for, fires that are robust AND a work of art, and more Beatles documentaries (and Miles Davis) than one man should have ever endured. “HEY! My friends call me whiskers, becuz ah’m a worrier!” (that is a funny SNL episode – Harry Carray).

We have been reading about Shakespeare in another really great Landmark Series book – Will Shakespeare and The Globe Theater. The boys have been captivated. They started acting out the fall of Caesar – with me, and baseball bats, out on the driveway, in the dark and cold, after playing football. They didn’t care that they were falling down and lying in the gravel. It has been so fun to watch them. Ben has a very natural way of dying – he oozes down, one leg lingering in the air, then flops to his side, motionless. He won’t come to, either. But Sam figured out how to make him come alive – he tickles his cheek! Sam is very different when he dies – very calculated, deliberate hands reaching back, ensuring it won’t hurt. Ben totally commits – he’s closer to the ground, after all. When Sam pretended to be Caesar and said “Et tu, Brute?” it sounded like he was laughing. It was really hard for him to find a last gasping breath sort of voice. When they are a bit at each other at the end of the day, it is very interesting to watch the chemistry totally change when they act. We brought it inside tonight to show Dad, who Sam suggested be Mark Antony. Enjoy this video…

This is The Globe Theatre – in sand. Click to see video of the fall of Caesar by Ben and Sam.

A Labor Day weekend tradition + Sam’s journal – final summer entry

(original spelling retained)


I just got a V Cube 7 And solved it 2 days ago. I’v ben reeding about Mdme Curie who discoverd Radiun and won two Nobel prizes! We mailed a pacig (package) to Kazakhstan beacuse the pirsin that mom works with is having a baby.

VIDEO ALBUM: Sam’s summer 2012
Dave says I still missed some key things…like hiking up Mt. Walker, and mountain biking!

The blackberry bears out hunting for the season's first pick! We created some tunnels and trails to get to the good clusters on our property.


After hunting a few dead-end road-ends for water access we finally found what we were looking for, after dropping Daddy off for some quiet time at home. This dog came over and started digging furiously, just like the boys! She was so funny. Then we played fetch with her as the tide came in.

Followed by lots of jumping into the water at slack tide! Sam practiced some twist-jumps, managing what I think was a 450! Ben got into the act, and so did Mommy - wet up to her waist!

So sweet to see them basking in the sunlight on this beautiful day, with memories of Hawaii lapping at my feet.


Sam playing uke

In an effort to finally get a piece of video footage up on the web, here is Sam playing uke in December 2010!

Birthday biathlon

Dave, Sam and Ben (behind Dave) took me out for a jog this morning, then we got to do a birthday snorkel and lunch for a date.

Dave, Sam and Ben (behind Dave) took me out for a jog this morning, then we got to do a birthday snorkel and lunch for a date.

Dave is on leave this week so I didn’t plan out adventures, we’re just letting them happen as the family chooses day by day what sounds fun. This was a great day – thank you for all the birthday well wishes! Here’s video of our birthday snorkel with a few new fishies identified: 2010-june-birthday-snorkel

And here’s a video of the three guys playing uke and guitar after dinner…enjoy! 2010-june-after-dinner-jam-session

Diamond Head and . . . Am Idol contestant?

Here we are going on another hike with mom - she is getting in good shape! But take a look at what made the boys get whip-lash. Can you see it? She went up and down several times like this!

Here we are going on another hike with mom - she is getting in good shape! But take a look at what made the boys get whip-lash. Can you see it? She went up and down several times like this!

So the lady in the background had a coffee thermos balanced on her head and two balls, one in each hand, as she worked her way up and down the trail and stairs, going backwards for some of it. Unbelievable! She does this every day. She says you just “stay in the core” to keep your balance like this. Amazing. On so many levels ;0

I am also posting video of the boys playing – Ben playing Sam’s uke and Sam playing both sets of drums 🙂 Our neighbors have kindly donated drums when they’re done with them, and when one side gets punctured we flip it over and use the other side. Sam doesn’t care. He lines up all the mismatched drums around him in a huge array and goes at it. He’s even got a bongo out there that we found at Salvation Army. He is tooooo funny – he asks if he can play drums because we have quiet hours around here – it is, after all, a bit like camping. Don’t want to make the neighbors totally crazy. When Ben plays the uke, his tongue flicks in and out like a lizard – hope you can see it. We think maybe he’s trying to sing? We don’t know. The end of this movie is HILARIOUS. I was laughing out loud when i came outside and found Sam playing like this! VIDEO: Krug brothers band!

Day 12 waiting for space-a flight

Sam goes muddin' on his mtn bike! Click on video below.

Sam goes muddin' on his mtn bike! Click on video below.

Video: 2009-04-muddin-on-mtn-bike

I’m just guessing it’s day 12 – certainly at least that many days scanning the schedule daily. I have driven to Hickam four times over the past two weeks trying to get a better sense of the schedule as far out as I can. Then the flights we shoot for decide not to take passengers, or only have 1 seat free. There’s a backlog of people now. It’s turning into the space-a odyssey that you always hear about. Even with appropriate planning, foresight and advance registration…but I’m still hoping for the best. In the meantime, I’m not sleeping well because each night I go to bed seriously thinking we’re flying out the next day, only to check to see how many seats have been freed up and find either one or none. yikes. So today while Dave went into work (it’s Saturday) we were charged with going to have some fun. We did. We took Sam’s mountain bike to base and after running some errands we went muddin’. Sam tried his first mud puddles and logs, sand trails and hard pack tracks. We had a blast! I couldn’t get him off the bike even an hour and a half later! Here is a lot of video for the Sam fans. Ben was in my arms the whole time. What a trooper watching his big brother so faithfully.

Crazy lizard tail

We were at the Bishop Museum today (Sam’s favorite place to check out volcanoes, extinct stuff, and the planetarium) with our adventure buddies when we stumbled (quite literally) across a lizard without a tail. Then I noticed the tail nearby! Check out the video….

Video: 2008-11-18-lizard-tail.wmv