Ice hockey bake sale clips!

Ice hockey players and awesome mom, Leni!

Ice hockey players and awesome mom, Leni!

We’re an ice hockey family now! I’m our team’s manager and am helping the kids fundraise so they can be a part of the effort to get them to two tournaments this year. I had no idea how much effort goes into being a “hockey mom” but now I know some of it! Although I have little balance in my life right now due to commuting 45 min each way to Bremerton, I am learning a few things…how to make good use of the time in the car (carpooling with one other family), how to pack dinners (two every night – before practice and after), how to cook hockey puck brownies (they were actually pretty good!), and how to hockey stop! Ok – so here are some video clips from today, selling hockey puck brownies on Bainbridge with another mom who made DELICIOUS cookies with peanut butter dipped in chocolate. Thanks, Leni and Josh! That was a lot of fun! Ok so we’re back at home now and I still have a lot of “pucks” I’d like to sell off. We grabbed some pizza and then headed out again to the end of our driveway to see what we might be able to shake loose. We were at $115, with a goal of $200. Sam is hilarious in this one! I was taking a back seat (no one wants to sell to a parent – it’s all about the kids!). But I did get a little tired of just hanging out in the trees (Ben kept going “MOM! THEY’RE NOT COMING BECAUSE THEY CAN SEEEE YOU!”). So…hockey mom got in the game. And closing with this one of Ben in the stands Friday night. We went to practice for Sam, then stayed for a Warriors game (the Junior A team – guys ages about 16-20). They are very good, and the boys loved all the music, noise of banging on the bleachers, and the fast pace. They were slack-jaw much of the time – between bites of nachos (chips and cheese sauce). Fun night!

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  1. Gramma 5 October, 2014

    I can’t take this much hysteria right before bedtime! LOL! This is called backward parenting — Ben the sign spinner ignited his mom into Alli the stick balancer!!

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