A Labor Day weekend tradition + Sam’s journal – final summer entry

(original spelling retained)


I just got a V Cube 7 And solved it 2 days ago. I’v ben reeding about Mdme Curie who discoverd Radiun and won two Nobel prizes! We mailed a pacig (package) to Kazakhstan beacuse the pirsin that mom works with is having a baby.

VIDEO ALBUM: Sam’s summer 2012
Dave says I still missed some key things…like hiking up Mt. Walker, and mountain biking!

The blackberry bears out hunting for the season's first pick! We created some tunnels and trails to get to the good clusters on our property.


After hunting a few dead-end road-ends for water access we finally found what we were looking for, after dropping Daddy off for some quiet time at home. This dog came over and started digging furiously, just like the boys! She was so funny. Then we played fetch with her as the tide came in.

Followed by lots of jumping into the water at slack tide! Sam practiced some twist-jumps, managing what I think was a 450! Ben got into the act, and so did Mommy - wet up to her waist!

So sweet to see them basking in the sunlight on this beautiful day, with memories of Hawaii lapping at my feet.


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