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If you are interested in what my dressage training is all about, here are a couple videos (and if you go to the channel, you can see more). Emmy is the spirited Irish Cob I am “borrowing” from Steve and Theresa just down the road from Janet’s Whitethorn Farm where I train. Theresa filmed the clinic with guest instructor Bill Woods for me so I could watch it again. Today I finally summoned the noogies to watch – I truly hate my lower leg position but since we continue to work on canter departs I decided to ignore the leg and take in the instruction once again! I’m also including a video from November 18, 2013 so you can see the progression over 10 months. Much work remains, but I can see progress, and I am noting how patient my instructors are. Geez it takes a long time to retrain the body! I am very grateful to have an opportunity to work with Janet after 26 years out of the saddle. I’ve been riding twice a week for the last 7 months and have only missed two rides this summer thanks to a steady stream of great high schoolers who have been able to hang out with the boys and other neighborhood kids. I can’t recommend Janet Grunbok highly enough. As Steve says, the progress to date compared to where I started is night and day!  If you want an excellent instructor on Bainbridge Island, look no further. Janet is the consummate professional, always reading, thinking, seeking additional training for herself, and furthering her students’ understanding of dressage with selected readings from the web and dressage publications. Her lessons are focused and build on the fundamentals. Each time I come away exhilarated and with a goal to work on between lessons. I sure wish I’d known Janet when I was 8 years old and starting to ride my first pony! First lesson with Janet! I was on the longe line until February while we worked on balance, among myriad other things. You learn a lot just hanging out with Janet in the barn!

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  1. Gramma 24 December, 2014

    I’m sure you remember Captain Fuentes from when you were 8. I still hear his voice shouting: “A-LEE-son”! Back the, you were working to keep your feet in the stirrups. He resorted to taping them in with masking tape! Probably not too safe.

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