IMG 0023  On our way up Diamond Head with mom - check out the lady behind us in the red top. See what's on her head? A coffee thermos!!! IMG 0027  In one of the tunnels. Pretty cool hike! IMG 0031  At the top now, having a snack. IMG 0040  282 stairs - Sam did a great job holding on so he didn't get jostled too badly by all the peeps going up and down, some of them jogging for a workout.
IMG 0042  More of the tunnel to the bunker built in 1915. IMG 0044  Gears used to haul stuff up and down from the bunkers. IMGP0575  Ben rode up and walked on the way down. IMGP0577  Gorgeous water! That's Diamond Head lighthouse down there. I ran on that road for the marathon. It was about 6am. I got to enjoy the moon resting over the lighthouse before the sun came up. Pretty neat memory.
IMGP0579  In the distance is Koko Crater, on the left, and Koko Head, on the right. Sam did Koko Crater last week so we thought it'd be neat to do another crater today. IMGP0581  This was pretty easy, he thought. IMGP0582  Ben horsing around with mommy :) IMGP0584  And Gramma!
IMGP0590  Waikiki in the distance, and the park where Sam, Gramma and Richard met me after I crossed the marathon finish line. IMGP0591  Loves buckles. IMG 0055  Shave ice afterwards! IMG 0058  Yum :)
IMG 0061  Ben loves hiking poles.