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Diamond Head

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Likeke to Pali

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Pu'u Ohia

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ATT00605  The first of the March cell phone shots! We found a geocache on our running route and wrote our names down to record our visit. ATT00617  Sam pushing Ben very nicely - they really enjoyed swing time today. Nice to see the boys enjoy each other :) ATT00832  Cell phone shot sent to Daddy at work from Diamond Head. We like to have him guess where we are :) IMGP0595  This is Sam with Moli - an albatross toy that a new friend, Ron, a marine sciences educator in WA sent us. Moli is starting a 1,000,000 mile journey around the world to visit kids in different places to teach about ocean conservation - notably picking up bottle caps so the albatross doesn't choke on it thinking it's food. They travel up to 1000 just to get one meal for the young. If I traveled all that way for a meal to feed my kids then could regurgitate it up due to a bottle cap, that would be beyond frustrating!!!! Imagine! So Sam drew a picture in Moli's journal of the three of us picking up trash on the beach. Moli is now visiting other friends in Kailua before heading on her way again.
Photo0000 0303  Out on a bike/run :) 2010 MAR Krug brothers band  One of the funniest videos I've seen in a while! Sorry it's so small. Had to be edited down from 94 MB. IMGP0604  Mommy was in a funk today - so the best way to fight a funk is to start a fiah fiah!!! We're waiting for Daddy to get home, or someone to bring us dinner. It's Friday night. Not sure where or when either is going to arrive...but we're funk fighters! I have been laughing out loud in my little perch at our counter as I look at these pictures. I have no idea why Sam is wearing this hat like this, but he likes it. Mom will tell you it's his Chef Krug hat, but I love the chin strap! He looks like he belongs on Monty Python! IMGP0605  Ben likes marshmallows a little bit. Sam is a good roaster.
IMGP0607  Studying his marshmallow carefully... IMGP0608  I just want you to enjoy all these crazy shots of his face!!!!! Sam lizard  Lizard came to the fire, too. Sam carried this guy all around the yard, told him not to touch the chiminea, and lulled the lizard to sleep in his hands. Imagine the stories this guy is telling his lizard friends! IMGP0609
IMGP0611  Are you laughing out loud yet? IMGP0612  Ohhh...Mom you'll have to eat that one! IMGP0616  Cross-country concert with PopPop! IMGP0617  Singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" - thanks PopPop! That was wonderful!!!
IMGP0654  Still trying to fingerpaint every now and then. This is my impression of the Mokes from the far end of the beach, with Flat Island appearing in between them and kites harnessing the high winds last week. 2010-03-06KidsKailuaBeachSurf (5)  Sam testing out a new boogie board from Gramma and Richard! 2010-03-06KidsKailuaBeachSurf (2)  Hang ten! 2010-03-06KidsKailuaBeachSurf (4)  Hmmm...wonder how you use this thing?
2010-03-06KidsKailuaBeachSurf (15)  A late afternoon swim - a bit chilly but so fun! The boys loved it. (Ben's hands are touching - it's only 3" deep here.) 2010-03-06KidsKailuaBeachSurf (19)  Ben got a bit swamped on one wave so he's getting a hug from mommy as Sam laughs in the background. 2010-03-06KidsKailuaBeachSurf (20)  Mom loves this picture of the little guy :) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo0000 0308  Out on a mountain bike ride around base. Some deep puddles and slick mud! IMGP0713  Gramma and boys watching a movie Mom took of a BIIIIG excavator tearing down a building. IMGP0715  The Commandant's Own Drum and Bugle Corps visits Hawaii!
IMGP0720  And the Silent Drill Team was amazing! IMGP0721  We really enjoyed the meet and great afterwards. photo photo2  These cymbals are heavy!
photo3  Wow...a base drum! It weighs 35 lbs. photo4  Ben gets a try. IMGP0722  Here's Sam hooked up with his own drum kit so he can march :) IMGP0739  And look who emerged from her chrysalis Saturday morning?! This is a female monarch - we can tell by the fatter stripes on her wings and no pair of black spots.
IMGP0745  She very happily hung out with Sam while she pumped fluid into her wings to spread them, then waited for them to dry in the sun. IMGP0753  Ben loves to drive anything...here he is ready to take Daddy on a trip. Just a few years, Dave, and this will be for real! IMGP0756  Big trigger fish at our favorite snorkel spot! I've seen "him" before and am so happy I caught humuhumu on camera this time before he could sneak away again! IMGP0762
IMGP0763  We took the daddies out on the Old Pali Rd hike this time - they were both curious to see it. All the kids had a great time jumping off logs and generally romping around, especially at the waterfall! Gramma came along, too, for the second time in less than a week! What a stud hiker she's turning into! IMGP0766  Yep - jumping is always fun! IMGP0767  Go Aiden! IMGP0772  Love this picture of the two boys leading the way.
IMGP0778  Panoramic view of Kaneohe from Old Pali Rd. IMGP0781  Good shot of these two cut-outs on the ridge, Dave. These are man-made. The ancient Hawaiians would throw stones off these lookouts to defend the royal areas in Nu'uanu. IMGP0785  Like this shot, too, Dave. Here we all are on the trail. Need to find out what these huge flowers are. Sort-of like a hibiscus cousin. IMGP0786  I deleted this one but Dave liked it, so it's now back in the album. Sweet hubby :)
IMGP0790  The new Pali tunnels, built in 1940, below the Old Pali Rd which hugs the cliff. IMGP0802  Waterfall up there when it's rainy. IMGP0804  Sam having a good time, running up the hill. IMGP0814  And now we're back at the waterfall, ready for some slip-slide time!
IMGP0824  Arriving at the bottom :) IMGP0825 IMGP0835  And the whole gang hanging out :) IMGP0841
IMGP0816  Ready for the water slide! 2010-MAR Sam on Likeke water slide  Sam coming down the water slide! IMGP0846  Here's good form :) 2010-03-16BenDwive  Ben loves to "drive" - screams when he is put in his back seat. Yes, we try to make his seat attractive but he's no fool :)
IMGP0848  Loved this wine! Like drinking a hike! IMGP0852  Sam made a geocache for the preschooler hike the following day. They would lay their own cache, remember the directions to find it, then post it to my geocaching website. We've gotten some fun remarks from people as they log their visit. IMG 0010  Out on the preschooler hike, laying the cache. IMG 0014  The cache tree!
IMGP0859  Ben and Eva :) IMG 0019  Aren't these roots cool? It's a ficus tree. IMG 0022  Ben received a wonderful hand-me-down from Eva - Keen shoes! (not shown here) IMG 0023  A tad wet - good shot, mom.
IMG 0026  Very lush forest. IMG 0033  Crowding around another cache we'd visited a year ago. Looking for a loot exchange again. IMG 0035  Kids get muddy here! IMG 0037  Snack time!
IMG 0043  Love these trees. IMG 0050  The jumping spot! IMGP0863  "Mom! Catch me in midair!" IMGP0864  Aiden telling Ben to stop.
IMGP0865  Ben showing Aiden how he bows :) IMG 0053  Cook Pines, and a nice spot for lunch. IMG 0054  Then an impromptu marshmallow "snow ball" fight broke out! I had a blast trying to hit the kids before they ate them all! IMG 0059
IMG 0061 IMG 0065 IMGP0862  Always fun to jump off anything the moms will let them! IMGP0881  Out on a reef walk with Regie, the malacologist at the Bishop Museum. How lucky we were to have her with us for a walk along a fossil reef and lithified sandstone tide pools! We found this float which we put in our back yard for decoration. It's huge! I am surprised Dave hasn't tossed it out yet :)
IMGP0882  Regie ran into one of her volunteers out on a walk as well - small world here! IMGP0883  This is olivine - when it is in gem-quality it is peridot. It came from the nearby volcano, Ulupa'u when it erupted. The sand is green with sparkling olivine. Very cool. IMGP0884  This little shell blows a mucus bubble to glide along the surface of the water, if I remember correctly. IMGP0885  Sam found a huge cowry! Little snail guy living inside. The snail forms the shell from its mantle. We put it back in the tide pool. Never take shells when they are inhabited.
IMGP0891  This is the tide pool we were exploring. The volcano is in the background. IMGP0898  At the Bishop Museum visiting their Circus exhibit (science under the bigtop). IMGP0901  Climbing anything in our path... IMGP0907  Out to lunch afterwards - a big cargo ship getting turned around in the narrow harbor by a team of tug boats made for an interesting side show.
IMGP0908  And so did these hats Sam made! IMGP0916  Nice :) 2010 MAR Eddie Kamae documentary shoot  Eddie and Myrna Kamae are producing another documentary entitled "My Teachers and Me" slated to come out this year. They thought it would be fun to include some footage of Sam playing with Eddie, since Sam loves him so much and has enjoyed "jamming" with the band occasionally over the past year and a half or so. We love them all! Thanks guys! 2010 Q1 alli  I try to make a little collage, maybe once a quarter or so, for Dave's computer at home and work. I think I was way behind, so it was time to make a new on!
IMGP0970  Sam loves to snorkel around no matter how cool the water is. He never complains about getting cold, and just flops, jumps, peers, swims, plays. It is so precious to watch. We saw some neat fish today. I even saw a lizardfish scuttle into the sand to hide! IMGP0972  Our snorkel buddies - they are gear testing. IMGP0974  Sam loved this picture, so it's in. Ben is very tired - spiked a fever today halfway through what turned out to be a two-week cold. IMGP0976  He fell asleep in my lap, something he hasn't done in a very long time. See the little turtle? The boys found that in the sand - another addition to our "trash toys" collection. Each comes with a story - I love it.
IMGP0979  Sam is into climbing and jumping - anything, anywhere. Uncle Tom - you see this technique!? IMGP0980  Now jumping off "The Nose" of El Cap! IMGP0987  "Mom, catch me in the air!" IMGP0988  On another random ridge hike - this time checking out Piliwale over near Maunawili. This is a Board of Water Supply access road.
IMGP0990  Gramma has a pack now, with a water tank!!! IMGP0992  Must find out what these are. They are everywhere. IMGP0993  On the ridge, in heavy winds, wondering if it's safe to walk under all these telephone or power poles! IMGP0994
P3291076  Kinda tall grass!!! P3291084  Time to head back down. Big Sam just ran out of steam, poor guy. Still sick. P3291088  Ben thought it was funny to pull on these trees - ahhh...not so helpful dude! P3291094  Despite being tired, we found fun along the way. An orange got away from us at snack time and rolled and rolled! It was fun to watch it accelerate, then figure out where it ended up.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA photo6  This is the color of our house...soon! We love this blue with white trim. Hamilton Blue, in case you want to know. That's Tito Pig Mommy  Ben was playing with a pirate toy the other day, then came out to sit on the deck with me and said "Dats Tito Pig, Mommy!" about the toy. I told Doug and Mary and they were adamant about getting a movie of this! So here it is for all of you. They loved it!