Maunawili Dem Trail to Falls

2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls IMGP0930  Out on a hike with Gramma, checking out how far it really is to the connector trail with Maunawili Falls. IMGP0932  Mom looks mysteriously like she's texting on her iPhone, but she's working with her camera. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (10)  Taking a picture of Konahuanui - the highest peak near the Pali Hwy.
2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (4)  Taking pictures of silly faces :) 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (5)  Well-maintained trail is 10 miles long, from Pali to Waimanalo. I'd like to trail-run it this year for my birthday :) 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (6)  The memorable water tower. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (8)  Trail was in good shape - not slippery. We made fast time - about 3 miles in 90 minutes.
2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (9)  Great views along the contours of the Ko'olaus. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (12) 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (17)  More eucalyptus... 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (13)  Eventually we hike down one of the ridges to the left into Maunawili and visit the falls.
2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (19)  The biggest ferns I've seen in a while. Sam was fascinated. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (21)  Finally at the connector, and just in time! At 3 miles into the trail, it's 50% further than any of the estimates you find online or asking people. Everyone says it's about 2 miles into the trail. Glad I had my GPS to find out for sure this time. IMGP0936  I love this ridge - it's gorgeous. My favorite way to get to Maunawili Falls. This time we through-hiked it from Pali trailhead of Maunawili Dem Trail to the start of the Maunawili Falls trail. It was 5.7 miles. Last 1.2 were very very you shall see :) IMGP0937  Catching Sam in a reflective pose :) He was quite game for checking out the falls, and I'm glad we pushed on to see them. Richard was kind enough to agree to come collect us at the end of the hike.
IMGP0938  We were showered on briefly - the sun is peeking through the clouds here, sending a diffuse shaft of light down on Waimanalo. IMGP0940  Olomana in the background. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (23)  After a heavy rain, lots of water comes cascading down these chutes. IMGP0941  Mom checking to see how muddy her new Keen shoes are. She is slowly getting outfitted properly for hiking. Still needs a Camelbak (to store food and water).
IMGP0942  Hi mom! You did great! My friends say you are "FIT!" for your age. I s'pose so! I don't think about how old you are. IMGP0943  Sam loved "baby fern" when he was Ben's age on a trip to the Big Island. I was happy to find fiddleheads on this trail as well. Big ones! IMGP0945  Ben studying his baby fern. I think he may have eaten one. I kept hearing "Mommy hold it" and a piece of fern was placed in my paw. IMGP0948  Mom picked up the phone to hear some good news from my brother, Doug. We did not stop...she continued negotiating slippery stairs while exuberating over his career developments. We are so proud of you, Doug! Congratulations!
IMGP0949  The trail leads to an ironwood grove with moss-covered trail. Love it. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (22)  Shoulder-high ferns! 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (26)  Did I mention I love this ridge? 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (27)
IMGP0950  My favorite kind of forest floor I think. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (29) 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (30)  A little obstacle to cross. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (33)  Getting to the falls is a trick. You have to go 0.1 mi upstream.
2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (34)  Over this stuff or walk in the water. Slippery! 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (35)  Almost there. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (39) IMGP0952  Almost a mile later you reach Maunawili Falls! It's very popular just about any day of the week or time of the year.
IMGP0954  A picture of all four of us! We are 4.5 miles into our hike by now. IMGP0955  Big guys jumping off a cliff 35' up - makes a huge smacking sound when they land. Sam was very intrigued but covered his ears. IMGP0957  The girls were doing a Hawaiian chant before entering the stream. Very cool. IMGP0958  Sam sat on a rock and really contemplated life as a guy big enough to jump all that way. He has since promised to help me get over my nervousness about jumping off high things into water. He says we'll start with the deck benches, onto the ground - about 4' high. Sweet boy.
2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (40)  On the way back I let Ben walk a bit. This is the last 1.25 miles to the waiting car. But man did it take a long time. I don't even want to know how long. Look at the treachery! The muddy soup was fun for the boys, though. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (41)  Ben has my hiking pole, too! 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (42)  Mom caught one of my rare smiles on this leg of the trip. By now I'm hungry because the boys have eaten all my food (and I forced Gramma to have a few crackers along the way). Note to self - pack even more food and make it easily reachable! There was no place to sit down and snack and evaluate options, like putting Ben back in the pack. ("yick yick yick!" Gramma would say!) 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (43)  He has his puppy harness on to help him over these roots. Sam liked to jump into the puddles, splashing us. Ben had a cold, too, but was quite nice on the hike.
2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (44)  Oops! Lost a Croc, or two! 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (45)  Cleaning them off on one of the three stream crossings. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (47)  Mom says "Smile, please?" I'm carrying Ben now. Have already almost careened down a slippery slope with him in my arms. I remember doing this hike three years ago and love it for adults. With kids it is a nightmare. The potential for injury is pretty high for all, unless your kid is 5+ years old, strong, and enjoys mud. 2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (49)  We're almost done! Ben is on a run now, while Sam catches up, munching on a cracker. Luckily I still had an apple and a Clif bar for them in the car. Ben ate the entire apple, core and all. That's on top of the fern he ate previously.
2010-03-23MaunawiliDemoAndFalls (50)  Loading up the car. Richard is tired of mosquitoes trying to force their way into the car while he waited! Gramma wrapped Sam up so he didn't get mud all over. Thankfully the mud has an affinity for skin and not much else. It does not come off easily!!! That was fun - much more fun after a beer over dinner and retelling all the stories :) See my write-up on (3/23/10) for some anecdotes. Sam really made some kids laugh :)