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Easter Egg hunt  Join us? 2010-04-01FriendshipGardenBamboo (10)  Mom and Richard's Leica cameras did very well with the dark bamboo forest of Friendship Garden. This is the best shot I've seen of this part of the trail. Nice! 2010-04-01FriendshipGarden (13)  Snack time! Ben's appetite is coming back. He ate ALL of the snacks you see here. Sam had none, poor guy. Still really wiped. 2010-04-01FriendshipGarden (14)  Nice snack-time view!
2010-04-01FriendshipGarden (16) 2010-04-01FriendshipGardenToughPassage (17)  This was a little tricky to cross. I told Sam if he slid down, to just thrust his arms out and grab anything green. He'd be fine. We all made it across after digging foot-holds like you would in snow. 2010-04-01FriendshipGarden (18)  Ben is graduating from leash to harness. He is such a daredevil and hates to hold hands. I asked him if he liked the hike over dinner later and he said "Don't like wear "puppy" mommy". That's what we call the harness - his puppy harness (which it is). Well, then hold hands little guy! IMGP1012  Time for funny faces!
IMGP1013  Here's Ben's - it's a whole-body move! L1020100  These pictures give you a good sense of the dense foliage around the trails here. Nice job, Leica camera (from Mom and Richard). L1020105  Some kind of berry that I've looked up a bazillion times... L1020120  Snack time with a view!
L1020129  Ben hurls himself, this is not an overstatement, down the trail. Hence the harness. L1020152  Gramma time with the boys. IMGP1015  Mom and the boys having some cute time together :) L1020147  Hi Richard!
IMGP1018  Talking about stuff, then filling the end of the sentence with jibberish when it gets too tiring to come up with grown-up words. IMGP1020  Sam cracking open a macadamia nut - he loves to do this. IMGP1022  Great cracking job, Sam! Last time he did this at home he managed to crack his toenail - right off! Poor guy. Hit his toe instead of the nut! IMGP1025  The next series shows Mom as Gramma - I don't capture enough of these special moments, so here's my attempt to remedy that!
IMGP1027  Ben fed Gramma his snacks - yick she says! Doesn't want his germs! She still hasn't gotten sick, amazingly! IMGP1028  Gramma is a big favorite with the boys. Thankfully when she is gone in the summer, I become "cool" again :) Ha! Sort-of kidding. :) 2010-04-01EasterEggDyingAndWriting (2)  Sam and Mom doing egg dying! 2010-04-01EasterEggDyingAndVeryTired  Sam still very tired...
IMGP1037  Thanks Nana and PopPop for the Easter box! 2010-04-13LanikaiPark (2)  Mom took the boys to the playground several times this particular week as I was sick AND buried in work. Thanks mom! 2010-04-13LanikaiPark (3)  Look how high they go! 2010-04-13LanikaiPark  Ohhh...the face paint is still on. Story on that to come...
2010-04-14BenPuddle (2)  The morning started out funny. Ben tried on underwear, was doing great, then we looked over and saw this perplexed face as he stood in a large puddle. The series of pictures which follow do not need words :) 2010-04-14BenPuddle (3) 2010-04-14BenPuddle (4)  But I DO love the footprints! 2010-04-14BenPuddle (5)
2010-04-14BenPuddle (6) spring fever  Well, it was a grey day out so we need to brighten it up a bit. What about markers on the face? Sam can be a narwhal, mommy a dolphin, Gramma a... spring fever1  Don't remember what Gramma was now! Ben is the cutest, though! spring fever2  Decorating mommy some more.
spring fever3  Nostrils, too! Then we went out for a coffee and muffin and just kinda mixed things up in the town a bit, seeing what people would say. You meet some fun people this way! 2010-04-14SamChocChunkCookies (2)  Making cookies from SCRATCH! Yay for Gramma! 2010-04-14SamChocChunkCookies (3)  Mommy says "Any for me???" 2010-04-14SamChocChunkCookies (6)  Nice cookie baking, Sam!
2010-04-14SamWatchesPainters (2)  Hmmmm...what's up with the house? Can you guess? We are doing the last BIG job before selling it. We expect to move in 12-18 months. Gotta get ready, AND enjoy it while we live here vs just before selling. 2010-April Brother Band  Thought you might enjoy these two playing together. They think they are "The Band" as in "Up on Cripple Creek"... IMGP1101  Out with Daddy in the morning. Mommy still not well. Ear infection!!! Can you believe it? Still have 40% hearing loss over a week later. (Fluid still in ear, but have energy back now.) IMGP1109  Sam is a big jumper, preferably off anything higher than his head. We set this up one day just to up the ante a bit. Watch the faces closely...
IMGP1111  Whoa! Sam loves this funny face picture :) Look at Ben, too! IMGP1112  Sam jump - had it on sport mode. Now a big smile. IMGP1119  Cute "biscuits" Ben!!! IMGP1123  Love this one...how bad will he kill me in 15 years? Or will he like it?
IMGP1134  Hi boys! Little cold? IMGP1135  Ben thinks the ball is a steering wheel :) IMGP1143 IMGP1169  More playing...
IMGP1190  Found a chance to visit the beach with da boys...beautiful day. It's really been a very cool winter, and relatively dry. Very strange. IMGP1194  Ben watching Sam carefully. He is eager to get a mask and snorkel of his own. IMGP1197  Throwing sand on daddy is VERY funny! IMGP1203  Mommy stiiiiillll tired. See these feet sitting? I didn't even snorkel this outing.
IMGP1207  Look at funny-face guy after snorkeling for about an hour! IMGP1215  Another outing - to a mall! This is what daddy does when he gets to design a weekend (i.e. mommy too sick and tired to maneuver for an "epic" outing). Daddy and boys like to shop????!!! So cute, though! IMGP1216 IMGP1218  They also like to dress alike. Team Krug. Cute, isn't it? Now if we could just get Daddy in a red tank top :)
IMGP1219 IMGP1223  This is another favorite thing to do - bike with Dad. IMGP1224  On the marsh trail a stone's throw from the house. IMGP1225  There they go!
IMGP1226 IMGP1257  Sam harvesting some limes... IMGP1258  And catching a lizard. IMGP1261  This special bamboo pole which he brought back from the trail is perfect for getting limes. See the slot at the top?
IMGP1263  Yeah...almost! IMGP1264  Then you just pluck it out of the top. Bamboo poles are segmented inside, so the lime doesn't fall down. IMGP1266  Ben likes this, too. See all the landscaping around the yard? Mommy and boys got really desperate to spruce while Dave was having a wild week working 18 hr days. We just dove in and got it done. IMGP1267  Out looking for lights to hang on the garage and deck, now that it is painted!
IMGP1269  Boys enjoy shopping mischief. These are monkey bars, right? IMGP1271  Naughty boys! Come out of there! IMGP1275  Yeah, right mom! IMGP1279
L1010179  The Ponzi scheme payoff! We found Richard's lens, then promptly lost it again, so Sam collected on it twice - first from mom, then from Richard! (Funny thing is I found it, then rehid it so Sam could find it and collect, but then Sam put it down somewhere and we couldn't find it again!) L1010505  Yeah! Love the color! Hamilton Blue, in case anyone would like to know :) Sam and Ben driving around the table  We will miss these days :) IMGP1297  We invested in new paint, gutters and a rain chain in preparation for a move sometime in the next 12-18 months. This was the final "phase" of renovation first begun with the deck a month after we moved in. I will have to put together some before and after pictures. The house really looks spiffy, and the new door from Mom and Richard (a Christmas present) looks beautiful!!!
IMGP1300  Sam likes the sound of the rain chain! We rushed right out to hear it gurgle. IMGP1304  A visit to our tidepools at the turnaround point of our run. Sam looks like a giant crab crawling across the rocks. IMGP1305  Ben likes wearing goggles, no doubt thanks to the fine example of his big brother! IMGP1311  He's paddling around in these tide pools just like Sam did at this age when we first moved here. Time flies!
IMGP1314  A new friend we happened to meet at the tide pools took this picture of mom helping take care of me while I peel Ben's orange for him :) IMGP1322  On our way to the beach - "Mommy, I carry my paddleboard!" IMGP1324  And now Richard acting as cabana boy for us :) IMGP1352  Where is Sam?! He bodysurfed for THREE hours! We all got into the action - I really caught a good one. it was fun! Dave and Sam bodysurfed for quite a while together. It was really fun to see my two big boys diving into the waves like dolphins as they returned to get another ride.
IMGP1357  Ben is comfortable around the water - sometimes too much so. Have to keep a sharp eye on the dare devil! IMGP1361  Such a ham, strutting around! IMGP1363  Can you hear the squeal? And there's big brother Sam leading the charge out in the waves. IMGP1369  Even the clouds were perfect today.
IMGP1381  Dave has hauled the SUP back up to the truck by now and is trying to round up the family to go get smoothies and a nap for Ben, but we aren't leaving very easily :) IMGP1382  "Perros! Perros!" Can you see Ben smiling at the doggies? That's perro negro in front, perro blanco and finally perro lento, all characters in a book he loves. IMGP1388  Tired tired Ben barely downing his smoothie, Sam being a ham, and sand all over these guys :) Happy morning :) 2010-04-24KailuaBeach(Oli) (2)
2010-04-24KailuaBeach(R photos) (12) 2010-04-24KailuaBeach(R photos) (14) 2010-04-24KailuaBeach(R photos) (15) 2010-04-24KailuaBeach(R photos) (29)
2010-04-24KailuaBeach(R photos) (33) 2010-04-24KailuaBeach(R photos) (5) 2010-04-24KailuaBeach(R photos) (6) 2010-APR Sam chord progression
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