2010-05 MAY

IMGP1441  Sammy rocking out on the way home from dinner. IMGP1445  Out for a little after-dinner stroll. The mishaps are recorded elsewhere under "Fonduta bellies and a double meltdown to go" :) IMGP1457  Yes...this is Sam out muddin' on the marsh trail with us - all in trash bags because Dave was at work this particular weekend with the truck, and our rain jackets :) IMGP1461  Just about to tackle a relatively steep hill.
IMGP1464  Now at Kalapawai, modeling our nice outfit. He's old enough now to know this is a little "off" :0 IMGP1470  All having fun now :) IMGP1473  The staff know us...this is the same girl that enjoyed our marker-faces :) IMGP1482  Ben modeling his hat. He is in LOVE with his hat. It has caused so much misadventure, though. Note to self, never let him take his hat out on a bike ride. Ask Dave how many times he canvassed the marsh trail looking for what we thought was a missing hat, which ended up in Ben's lap the whole time :)
IMGP1488  Ah...don't I look great? IMGP1491  "Where's my feets mommy?" IMGP1493  Hee hee! IMGP1498  Sam's building Legos face, in the morning.
IMGP1501  Out on a hike to Waihe'e Falls. IMGP1510  More funny faces! IMGP1520  Huge banyan tree on the path, a BOWS road. 2010-05-04Waihe'eFallsAlliKiddosGramma (9)  Like this one, mom. Good composition. I saw it, too, as I was charging toward the falls with boys at foot!
2010-05-04Waihe'eFallsAlliKiddosGramma (20) IMGP1523  Wow! Pretty tall! IMGP1529 IMGP1531  This is where you get your water!
2010-05-04Waihe'eFallsAlliKiddosGramma (11)  Love the framing on this one. 2010-05-04Waihe'eFallsAlliKiddosGramma (14)  Snack spot! 2010-05-04Waihe'eFallsAlliKiddosGramma (16) 2010-05-04Waihe'eFallsAlliKiddosGramma (17)  Sam wanted to walk along this pipe!
2010-05-04Waihe'eFallsAlliKiddosGramma (18)  Then it got a tad slippery! 2010-05-04Waihe'eFallsAlliKiddosGramma (26)  Peek-a-boo view of the ocean on the way back. 2010-05-04Waihe'eFallsAlliKiddosGramma (23)  Listening to mommy make some funny dinosaur noises :) IMGP1540  They enjoyed puddle-stomping most of the way back!
IMGP1558  Oooooh! So dirty! IMGP1562  But so much fun to jump in! 2010-05-04Waihe'eFallsAlliKiddosGramma (5)  Nice Gramma pictures :) IMGP1570  April giving us a private tour at the Aviation Museum, showing us riveting!
IMGP1572  And comparing instructions for restoring jet engines to Lego instructions. IMGP1574  John showing us aerodynamics using water. IMGP1579  And giving us a special experience in the T60 trainer! IMGP1584  That's Oreo, the dog, watching Sam give us a shaka.
IMGP1585  So interesting to walk in the footsteps of the WWII pilots by carefully considering the planes they flew and the difficult circumstances in which they tested new planes. IMGP1586  A little tricky footing with slippahs on :) What a neat experience! Mahalo nui! IMGP1588  April explaining how the elevator and flaps work on a glider. You can really get a feel for takeoff and landing, as well as steering, by using the controls and watching them move the elevator and flaps. IMGP1589  Ben liked it, of course :) He loves to "Dwive! I want to dwive da twuck!"
IMGP1599  Found a good jumping spot for Sam. IMGP1601  And Ben snacked with mommy :) IMGP1602  One of our favorite places in the world. Black rocks good for warming up after a long snorkel. IMGP1607  Team Krug coming in from a snorkel. We all love it!!!!
IMGP1608  A typical afternoon with Gramma staying with us for two weeks before heading home. She takes cues from Sam about when to start and stop her drumming. IMGP1609 IMGP1612  Out on a date! I think you should hear some music with one of these? L1010864  Just before Dave left for NH :)
2010-05-08PoolDaveLeavesForNH (2)  A little swim for the family! See the white picket fence? Part of my contribution as president of the homeowner's assoc here. We're replacing 20 yr old wood fencing, two properties at a time. Can't wait to do the pool, hopefully before we move. 2010-05-08PoolDaveLeavesForNH (3)  Learning to dive :) 2010-05-08PoolDaveLeavesForNH  Ben liking to jump and swim! Even has his little eyes closed, ready for immersion! IMGP1617  Mom's Mother's Day present to me!!! A Saws-All!!!! We bought it just as Dave was boarding the plane for a trip back east...hee hee hee. He does not know yet.
IMGP1618  The before picture... IMGP1619  And after. Opening up the backyard a bit by trimming a wild hau (hibiscus) that had grown to about 20' tall. IMGP1620  Love the Saws-All! IMGP1621  Trimming another hau over Sam's secret garden.
IMGP1623  The boys like to jump in the bins. Helping spot Sam so disaster doesn't strike. I still wonder how mom and I did all this in only 90 min with no injuries to house or limb! IMGP1625  Precious guy :) 2010-05-08KailuaPub  Out to dinner after the jungle-taming in the backyard! IMGP1625 (2)  The project of the week - building the big Lego Star Wars set!
IMGP1626  All on his own, going through three instruction books, one at a time. IMGP1627  And day 2 - doing the deck. I sanded and stained all morning. Looks much much better now. Those rocking chairs really beckon! IMGP1629  A panorama of the backyard. IMGP1630  Didn't realize it was on pan, so this is a funny compilation of a few moments out back while Ben napped.
IMGP1632  Sam is lounging with Gramma and "Jack" - one of his lizard buddies. IMGP1639  And to dinner/music at Honey's! IMGP1642  Trying to grab a Mother's Day picture was a little difficult - this was as good as it got! We chased Ben down from the other end of this fish pond before he jumped in with the fish! Then we had to wrangle Sam from the opposite end where he was playing his uke. IMGP1643  Constant high-speed motion, especially after the dessert table!!!!
Photo0020  Almost done with the Star Wars build! 2010-05-09Mother'sDay (4)  Mother's Day surprise from Gramma! A singing balloon and leis from my boys! 2010-05-09Mother'sDay (5)  Oh...so nice! I wore it the whole time I was staining. 2010-05-09Mother'sDay (6)  Thank you, boys!
2010-05-09Mother'sDay  And a nice bouquet for mom!!! :) IMGP1647  Snorkeling up at Shark's Cove after three days of toiling (day 3 was cleaning out the garage). Great conditions up there, even though the water was a bit cold. Who cares when you can follow the fishies around! LOVE it! IMGP1654  A belted wrasse. IMGP1658  Humuhumu in the middle. Always makes my day when I get to see the state fish.
IMGP1667  And the Sam fish! IMGP1669  A little gobie! IMGP1673  Sam really checking him out. He was so cute, popping in and out and smiling at us! IMGP1675  Same guy :) Look at his little feelers on top of his head!
IMGP1678  The boys enjoying the water. IMGP1681  And catching a crab! IMGP1682  Humuhumu again! IMGP1687  Hi there!
IMGP1689  Not sure what he is - papio? IMGP1693  Parrotfish! IMGP1696  Pearl wrasse (junior) on bottom. Some kind of tang or surgeonfish on top, haven't identified him yet. IMGP1697  Surge wrasse.
2010-May Shark's Cove  Video of us tracking a bluespine unicornfish! IMGP1698  Sammy finding his own way back to the truck. IMGP1702  Shrimp truck for lunch, and a Sam gobie! 2010-05-12NorthshoreSnorkelShrimpTruck
IMGP1703  Polo - Hawaiian style. 12-28-02 A GideonPreview09  Mom sent this to me as a remember when photo - Dec 28 2002, our second wedding :) IMGP1709  Yay! The AC is fixed!!!! That's Jason, the mechanic I'd been haunting for a week trying to figure out when we should get in. We had to run to the Nissan dealer, grab a part, then call Jason at the Hickam auto hobby shop on our way back to say "OK! I have the part! You can rip the old one out now, we're on our way back!" so that we'd get it all done before the shop closed for lunch. What a wild morning. We were up at dawn just to get this done, but we saved $600 dollars doing it this way vs the guy down the street. IMGP1711  Shedding Caffrey dog, showing her some love.
kayaking  A picture from a month or two ago which finally found its way to us. We are all in kayaks - both boys, parents and Gramma! L1010913  Out on a bike/run at Koko Crater Botanical Garden. Photo0023  Cell phone shot for daddy. L1010918  Gramma it was a biiiiig roller!
L1010919  Like this big! Wonder what he was talking about...maybe the hills we bounced around on? That is fig newton on his face :) L1010921  He likes to copy funny faces. L1010925  Sam working on a new creation. L1010926  Very studious guy, following every step...well, mostly.
L1010929  We even restained the chairs before Daddy got home. A big week of household sprucing, thanks to Gramma helping out! IMGP1713  This is a precious lizard egg. The boys both love it so much. Can you believe we've kept it safe for weeks now? IMGP1717  No! Not the kind of egg you eat! L1010931  Ok - so here's where it gets interesting. The lizard egg went down into the planter. Sam is rescuing it.
L1010932  Really working it here. L1010933  Almost got it! L1010934  Yes! L1010935  Look at that tiny paw holding a tiny lizard egg. They are so cute about it. We have a special container we keep it in.
L1010947  Morning reading time with cuties in jammies. L1010948 Photo0024 Photo0025
Video0004 IMGP1727  Romping with Gramma before she goes back to California. IMGP1732  Everyone still in jammies :) IMGP1738  After dropping Gramma off at the airport we hit the beach right near the runway.
IMGP1741  That's where she'll take off, the flat thing to the far right. Diamond Head way in the distance. IMGP1747  Ben pontificating about something! IMGP1749  The boys are just starting to get a glimpse of how fun they could each be for each other, aside from the frequent episodes of tribal warfare. IMGP1755  Team Krug doing some team building...this is after church at Hale Koa beach on base. I packed a lunch for the boys. Dave is still in MA on a long weekend visit with his family, and recuperating from a bad stomach bug.
IMGP1757  Awww...nice boys! Hold real still! IMGP1766  Nice lady came down and took our picture, probably figuring we were just visiting :) IMGP1775  We were really looney tunes this night...Sam put on this hat (since in one of Eddie Kamae's songs "Golden Stallion" - written by Rev Kamakahi but sung by Eddie in our version) it talks of a boy with a pail for a helmet and a pillow for a shield. IMGP1780  Isn't he nuts? So much fun!
IMGP1782  Goof balls for sure! IMGP1791  Just completing the outfit. Notice anything wrong? other than the whole notion of walking into Pier 1 like this? ;0 Don't worry we decided against that idea before we got too far down the path. IMGP1792  Made some tasty rosemary sourdough! IMGP1797  Cleaning up before Cousin Mike and wife Mary arrive!!! Sam says "Mom, you've gotta lean into it, like this!"
IMGP1802  They're here!!! Sam has leis in hand as he peers over the door. IMGP1803  Yay! Space-a luck like you would not believe! IMGP1806  Mike's famous grilling technique...making steaks just perfectly! IMGP1807  Ben just adores Mike. Kept talking to him all night long, especially to discuss Gollum and his tongue.
Photo0043  Goofing around, doing some dune jumping after dinner :) IMGP2019  Daddy out with Ben - showing Mary F. how he has almost outgrown his Habianas slippers. We'll have to bronze them! Thank you for those - they have long been a favorite of his. He likes to make sure he has his hat, slippers and glasses before heading out to "da twuck." IMGP2024  My jasmine likes its new home! Who would have thought that completely yanking it out of its container and moving it to a shallow temporary home would have done such good. I thought it was done for but now I am so delighted to see it bloom and welcome guests to our gate with a great fragrance. IMGP2025  Here's where I stashed it temporarily, knowing that we'll be putting in a white vinyl fence shortly. Now how to keep it attached to the white fence...ah, the nylon and crimping beads Sam and I picked up to make our wind chimes. Those will work perfectly...
IMGP2026  At the Iwo Jima memorial on Memorial Day. IMGP2027  Paying respects. Please see post for May 31 for details. IMGP2028  These Marines and their families were honoring lost buddies from the 2/3. Please see full post for details. IMGP2030  Probably the most moving Memorial Day I can remember.
IMGP2031  On our way back now.