IMGP1042  It's Easter time! The boys are playing with some coloring paper to put in these color cups sent by Nana and PopPop! IMGP1046  Cupcakes for breakfast? Indeed! IMGP1063  Now it's time for an Easter egg hunt with a very special friend...Eddie is helping hide the eggs at Sam's direction. IMGP1064  Good!
IMGP1065  These eggs were so well-hidden we had to carefully count later to be sure we got them all. IMGP1067  Done! IMGP1068  See the sweet baskets made by Eddie and Myrna? Their FIRST Easter baskets! IMGP1087  Very eager to get in there...
IMGP1088 IMGP1089  Look who popped out! Wind-up bunnies! We raced them :) IMGP1092  So cute! Great idea, Myrna! IMGP1093  Lots of laughs over this :)
IMGP1094  Look at Ben wondering what is going on. He'd just gotten up from a nap. IMGP1095  Peeking through to see bunnies racing! IMGP1096  The grown-ups decided to race, too! This is when Richard lost his lens from his glasses...another funny story behind that little incident. (See Ponzi scheme payoff in another post.) IMGP1098  Eddie is playing Sam's uke for us while Sam is trying to feed him some Nerds. He loves his uke, and Eddie, but I think Nerds even more just this second :)
IMGP1100  You are a gift, Eddie and Myrna! We loved our time with you! 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs  Saying goodbye while Sam shows off his lime-grabbing stick. 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (3)  Myrna was a good egg-hunter, too. 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (4)
2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (10)  Ben getting in on the action. 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (11)  Just now figuring out what to do...see how hidden these were? 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (12)  Sam wanted them ALL in his basket. All 17 of them. ;0 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (13)
2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (14) 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (15)  Take a good look at the's about to turn another color in two weeks! 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (19)  Ben regaling us :) 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (20)
2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (21) 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (23)  Ben playing, too! 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (28)  Then the DRUMS came up to the deck! Whoah! I had to use a foot to keep them from falling forward. They are a tad rickety under Sam's onslaught :) 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (29)
2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (31)  Time to go :( 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (32)  Don't hurt those gifted fingers! 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (33) 2010-04-03EddieMyrnaKamaeAtKrugs (35)
2010-04-04EasterDinnerLamb  Carving up Easter dinner. 2010-04-04EasterDinnerLamb (3)  Mom's pretty necklace with my Easter top :) 2010-04-04EasterDinnerLamb (5)  Thanks for a great weekend, Dave, despite barely catching up on sleep from the previous crazy week! 2010-04-04EasterDinnerLamb (6)
2010-04-04EasterDinnerLamb (7) 2010-04-04EasterDinnerLamb (9)  Snuggle reading time. 2010-04-04EasterDinnerLamb (10)  And more live entertainment :)