IMGP0618  We all love this nearby hike - it has lots of adventure, starting with a stream crossing followed by enormous Cook pines. IMGP0621  Sun popped out despite clouds on the windward side. IMGP0623  I like this shot, Dave. IMGP0627  Just to give you a sense of the immensity. These trees were brought here by Capt John Cook and planted to be used as masts. You can easily see why. I usually confuse them with Norfolk pines, but today I finally saw the difference :)
IMGP0639  The camera often struggles with the contrasty light but this shot is quite nice. IMGP0645  Ben hiked it all on his own! "Ben walk! Ben walk!" The "puppy harness" saved him from more than a few face plants. 2010-03-07JuddTrail (26)  The so-called "Jackass Ginger Pool" - a donkey used to be tied up by this pool, as the story goes. It's a neat place to chill. 2010-03-07JuddTrail (17)  Kids jump in the pool on summer afternoons.
IMGP0647  Tall Daddy looking down at Sammy. IMGP0651  Heading down to the Jackass Ginger Pools - a fun place to take a dip in the summer. IMGP0652  Nice panorama of the dense foliage and sun peeking through. We had lunch at Lanikai Juice afterwards. Thanks for a great morning, hubby!