Likeke to Pali

IMG 0011  The old carriage road - so impressive to think about all the work laying these stones to make the traverse over the Pali easier. Generations of Hawaiians had been hiking over a treacherous route, produce on their backs. Unbelievable. IMGP0656  More of the carriage road, wider here. We followed this through more trail, then connected with the Old Pali Rd, built in the early 1900s to improve the conditions for the first cars. IMGP0660  Mom enjoying lots of advice about which stick to use. :) Such a good sport! IMG 0019  Always fun to use a root swing to get down a steep step!
IMG 0021  A bit tricky in the slipperies! But Sam and I love a good rump slide. IMGP0664  Nice face! Richard isn't tired yet, so we'll continue on. IMG 0022  A few more switchbacks then hook up with Old Pali Rd. IMGP0671  My boys! I love you, Sam! Such an adventurer! Just like Jackie Paper and Puff, we can't let a day go by without some kind of adventure! Ok, maybe tomorrow we take a day off? This was a big one!
IMG 0027  Walking along the Old Pali, under the new Pali. IMG 0030  The graffiti here is pretty impressive. IMGP0675  Climbing back up to the trail after crossing under the Pali Hwy. IMG 0031  On the Old Pali, looking at the new Pali.
IMG 0033  Not tired yet? Cool, because it would be fun to know how far this whole route is to the Pali Lookout! (I have had to section-hike this previously due to having small kiddos with me, but Sam is up to just about anything I want to do carrying Ben now so we are able to do some adventures which had been put off for a while.) IMGP0677  Huge flower! Big as Ben's head! IMGP0680  Looking from Old Pali down to the tunnels built in the 1940s. IMGP0682  Can you see the open patch of green in the middle of the photo? That is the golf course and church, where we started, 1000' and 3 miles ago!
IMG 0040  SOooooo incredibly windy and cold. We're huddling and chomping quickly. IMG 0042  All suited up now, ready to head to a less windy spot for more snacks! IMG 0043  Ben is walking now. Once you put this kid down, he does NOT want to get carried again. He is really strong. IMG 0045  This was a tad tricky but thanks to grown-up helpers it was no problem.
IMG 0047  Richard grabbing Ben! IMGP0686  Spotting Sam and Gramma. IMGP0687 IMGP0692  Whew! That was fun!
IMG 0048  More snacks! These kids eat all my food! I have to pack so much food and water for growing boys that my pack is incredibly heavy. Pushing 60lbs now. Sam carries his own water, but I carry the food, water, first aid, rain jackets, diapers, GPS, etc. IMGP0697  Funny faces! We always have a great time. Sam is such a fun guy to hike with. IMGP0699  Hiking under both sides of the Pali. IMG 0060  Ending up at Likeke Falls (which is really a man-made falls created by puncturing a dike while digging the tunnels for the Pali). Sure is fun to visit and play in the pools!
IMG 0065  Mommy got to waterslide! This was really really slick! IMG 0066  Sam wanted to try, too! IMG 0068  More climbing - poor guy had energy to spare for exploring these roots but the grown-ups were ready to call it a day and go get some food! IMG 0071  And I still had to bathe two boys, feeding them lunch in the bath even (which they loved!), wrangle one into bed, and prep for a teleconference. Look at Ben striding out here!
IMG 0073  Sammy having fun recreating a funny part of a favorite story, where a bear goes head-first into tall grasses! Thanks for a great day, boys! 2010-03-14PaliHikeAgainLikekeFalls (29)