IMGP2376  Big Ben still likes to build with Legos! How cool! This is a neat plane! june 11 (43) june 11 (45) june 11 (49)
IMGP2377  Having a dinner party at our house, which turned into a surprise birthday party for me! IMGP2378  Ben and David playing with my Ben, who loved all the big boys. "That's da guys!" IMGP2380 june 11 (52)
june 11 (54) june 11 (55) june 11 (57)  Rich and little Ben :) afternoon entertainment  Ben entertaining everyone!
boys  Big boys! lizard man of kailua  And the lizard man of Kailua found a friend! birthday4  Talking about some mischief I do believe... drumming with luke  Luke is a drummer, so Sam is enjoying showing off his stuff!
chillaxin  Lots of menfolk in one room! june 11 (59)  A pile of slippahs by the door means a good time is being had inside! hiding clues everywhere  Looking for clues about my birthday present! IMGP2383  A cake!!! How cool! We got to decorate it, too, which Sam really enjoyed :)
birthday1  Fiah fiah time! birthday2  39 candles can take some effort to light. IMGP2393  The lighting ceremony. IMGP2394  Getting warm in here!
IMGP2396  Love you, ladies! birthday3  A little smoky in here! IMGP2403  Out at the zoo - somebody in Dave's arms is up to NO good :) IMGP2408  Big Sam!
IMGP2411  Mexican lunch on the strip in Waikiki :) And a new lizard friend from the gift shop. IMGP2412  My sick boys are still troopers about walking around. See what Sam got? A Kiimodo dragon! IMGP2415  Now out for a morning birthday jog, followed by snorkel then lunch date! Giji gave me the lei :) IMGP2421  Baby damselfish.
IMGP2422  And a huge sea cucumber! It looks like a sleeping monk seal and was about as big! IMGP2427  A little parrotfish feeding you an idea of what it is like to squeeze over the coral at relatively low tide. IMGP2440  Goldrim surgeonfish with convict tang in the background, and I think threadfin butterflyfish under the coral. IMGP2455  Lots of baby parrotfish, then a teardrop butterflyfish (my first sighting in the wild!) and a pufferfish scooting away under the coral.
IMGP2459  Yellow tang pair hiding in the coral! IMGP2467  Our butterflyfish friends again! This is the same extended family we saw the other day! To the back right is someone we can't identify - not quite milletseed and not quite multiband butterflyfish... IMGP2470  Love them - they are so beautiful. IMGP2481  Getting cold now so heading in for Kalapawai for pupus.