Father's Day hike

IMGP2556  Out for a hike on the Likeke Trail - finding a cache, too. IMGP2561  Such beautiful plants and scattered sunlight filtering down through the thick jungle canopy. IMGP2562  We found a cave! Is this a pig sleeping hole? Apparently they come down to drink periodically then go up to sleeping holes during the day. An experienced hiker we ran into on the trail, who said he knew the trail well, didn't seem to know anything about this cave. Maybe you have to go at kid-pace to see such things. Sam is really into caves right now...Lechuguilla...and connecting with Uncle Tom on climbing. It's pretty neat to see these connections. IMGP2566  Dave took some great pictures on the trail.
IMGP2569  Love this one. IMGP2570  This is a TRUE jungle gym! Sam even did some monkey bars in this tangle. IMGP2574  Mommy and Ben - he got to hike on his own two legs on our way back. He did really well! IMGP2575  Loves his new cache toy! Too bad we lost it later. It's a little Matchbox loader in good condition. We'll have to find a new one.
IMGP2579  Hey Ben, can you give me a smile? IMGP2580  Studying it. Love this shot, too. Thanks babe! IMGP2581 IMGP2582
IMGP2583  Found this heiau (?) oddly juxtaposed with a fire pit. Maybe it was repurposed by contemporary kama'aina? IMGP2591  Dave is a birder - he finally got a bird book for Father's Day after this hike. This is a red billed leiothrix, introduced from China in 1918. Easily heard but difficult to observe, song sounds like scolding chatter sometimes (funny!). Lays 2-4 blue eggs with red spots. IMGP2593  A mango grove in a grassy clearing possibly indicative of an ancient Hawaiian village site. We also found a wall marking a property line nearby. IMGP2596  My menfolk!
IMGP2598  Every now and then Ben would want to hold hands. IMGP2599  Love trail time with my family. IMGP2601  This week is the first time in their lives that they've had Capri Suns. I bought them for a kiddo grillout party last week and we didn't end up using them all. Unfortunately, these ubiquitous drink packages can be found literally within feet of trash cans. IMGP2603  The view from Likeke Falls.
IMGP2604  And here is the falls where we stopped for some fun. IMGP2612  Our little snack perch. IMGP2613  Nice faces, guys! IMGP2616  Nice shots, Dave.
IMGP2620  In the pool looking up. IMGP2622  Maybe about 40' high. IMGP2627  On the way back the boys held hands! They were chatting back and forth "Let's get outta HEAH!" (with emphasis by Sam, then Ben would giggle saying "Sam says HEAH!" IMGP2631  Just too cute to delete. You can see that Sam (and I) got very wet watersliding at the falls.
IMGP2632  "Ok Ben, I'm gonna lift you up here." Sam dropped his wet, soggy, rotten log to help brother up onto the carriage road. IMGP2634  Finding our way to another trailhead where Daddy met us. IMGP2635  And looking back up the Old Pali Rd. Always interesting to see how people traveled nearly 100 years ago before the tunnels were built. IMGP2637  A hobbit hole in a tree!
IMGP2638  The boys' cache finds. A splendid Father's Day hike!