Kids' cache hike

IMGP2742  Here we are out on a hike with our dear friends - our first hiking buddies - before they move off island. Thankfully we're pretty certain our paths will cross again in about a year, so this isn't so much goodbye as aloha :) Sam is jotting his name down in the cache log book - it's the cache he set up and maintains himself, creating new books and tracking who has been there. IMGP2743  We're already very dirty - Sam mostly because mom was a bonehead and in the midst of all the craziness this morning trying to get Dave's car back from the shop enroute to the hike (coordinating bringing another friend along who would drive Dave's car back, then going to the trailhead) I managed to let Sam wear slippers instead of hiking shoes, thinking we'd probably not end up going far and it would be dry. Wrong! Slippers were...shall we say...slippery! He hiked for about a tenth of a mile or carrying them - going barefoot in the truly healthy way, so they say :) IMGP2744  At the Kids' Cache tree! We all love this tree and those roots. IMGP2748  The SNACK BENCH! All ills and worries and crankiness disappears at the snack bench. Magically! Works every time :) These kids are such fun! Here we are snorting like trail pigs!
IMGP2763  Romping in the vines hanging from the trees - this provided endless amusement, wipeouts, laughter and fun! Oh, and some dirty rumps. Sorry Kathy! IMGP2764  Love this one - Queen of the Jungle! IMGP2767  Look at Ben's rump, and Sam's smile :) IMGP2768  We're at "Jump-Off" tree as I call it. The kids always enjoy this portion of the hike, too. I like the shorter hikes (2 mi or so) because Ben can do it all on his own and the big kids have time to explore and play at various points. We're not set on peakbagging on these types of hikes. We mix it up - longer and shorter - these days, but Ben loves to be on the ground chasing so his days of any pack time are very limited.
IMGP2771  I set my camera up on sport mode and got some fun shots of them spinning off Jump-Off Tree. Love their faces and all the action in these. IMGP2778  The Cook Pines have a ton of pine needles at their base! Very soft. IMGP2784  And the eucalyptus all around on this hike makes it smell so good - especially after a brief shower like we had today. IMGP2790  Uh, Mom - We go this way.
IMGP2799  Back up the trail to the parking lot. IMGP2803  But first - some log surfing! IMGP2804  And misc jumping :) IMGP2805  Now some paddling with sticks...and surfing in style!
IMGP2806  More paddling... IMGP2808  Just enjoying them :) IMGP2812  I was impressed Ben was able to stay up there so long! Again, soft needles in case of accident :) IMGP2816  1, 2, 3...JUMP!
IMGP2819  See this guy? Lots of cleanup to do at home :) What a good sport. They all had so much fun. Thanks guys!