Day 31: announcing thumbelina


Video: Ultrasound of heartbeat

Sammy and I are back in NJ now – staying with Dad and Marilou for a few days, then down to Delaware to visit Aunt Kate, then back up and hopefully catching a flight home on Sunday. We have over 2000 miles on the car, traveled through 7 states, and stayed in 9 homes. It has been wonderful to see so many people and reconnect with dear friends from many years ago. I have a lot of work to do uploading pictures from the last week, but that must wait until after I’ve done some “real” work 🙂

We (Sammy and me) went to McGuire AFB OB/GYN today for a second ultrasound. I was very eager to see how baby Krug #2 was doing. Last we peeked in there at 5 weeks it was too early to detect a heartbeat and we thought we saw some subchorionic collection (blood clot like I had with Sam). This time the ultrasound was on for no more than 3 seconds before the doctor said “oh – I already see good things! heartbeat and gestational sac!” The video above shows the doppler of the heartbeat. You can also see the little heart beating if you look between the little yellow lines very carefully. The gestational age today is 7 wks 5 days, and the estimated due date is 5/22/08 – my brother’s birthday! So I’m not on any more drugs, not doing any more labwork, not restricting activity (other than to be moderate which is an adjustment for me) and I’m feeling sketchy all the time. It’s wonderful to be “normal” 🙂 Thank you to everyone who has been praying diligently for us… Sammy enjoyed seeing the video of the little peanut and has his own picture of the baby that he carried around all over the clinic. I asked what he would want to name the baby and he said “thumbelina.” He alternates between wanting a brother or a sister. For several weeks it was a firm “brother” but now he’s not so sure. A sister might be ok 🙂

I will say it is not so fun to feel sketchy all the time while traveling in a car, and I’m wondering if it will take me a month to recover from this wild journey. Next year I think I’ll rent a house in Saratoga so the kids and I can enjoy the snow, and people can come visit us around the holidays. I already have a house scoped out and it will fit my budget, so that is fun to think about. Dave would join us for some or all of the time, depending on his leave schedule. Mom likes the idea, and everyone else I’ve mentioned it to thinks it makes a lot more sense than continuing this gypsy lifestyle another year! I think two years of this is plenty 🙂 Sam is wonderful and I would expect the next baby to be just as good about it thanks to starting early, but I’m growing weary of packing and unpacking, setting up the nest and breaking it down so many times. So…that’s the preliminary plan for 2008…stay tuned 🙂


  1. Gail 9 October, 2007

    Very Nice!!!!! Such a lovely sight.
    Allelullia… prayers answered.

  2. Timmy 10 October, 2007

    Looks good so far. Keep on truckin kid!!! Kids…

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