Sam’s dance moves! – A guest post from Gramma

Video: Sam’s Dance Moves at Best Buy 

OK, I’m going to “talk story” as they say here in Hawaii . . . Sam’s mom and dad were in Best Buy scoping out a laptop to replace Alli’s which has a dead fan.  We browsed laptops and when they were ready to buy, I (gramma) got sent on a mission to take Sam on the escalator to the upstairs.  He’d been dying to go up.  As we approached, he said, “I will show you how to do it, gramma!”  So, up we went.We watched 50 big screen TVs showing kite surfers up close and personal, and some show which had an ATV vs some weird robotic machine, which he LOVED.  He kept saying, “cn you do dat” or “did you see dat, gramma?”  Then we browsed to the auto audio section where you can push buttons to select which speaker you want to demo.  Give this guy buttons and he’s a happy camper.

What amazed me was . . . he performed an impromptu dance we’d never seen before!!  I’ve taken 39 MBs down to 8MBs in order to send it, but it should be enough for you to crack up!  You’ll hear me in the background in the beginning, on my cell to mommy and daddy who are downstairs paying for the laptop . . .I get so many fun things to do!

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  1. Gramma (Oli) 28 June, 2008

    I have watched that video a million times and still LOL and am astounded! And hey, I want some ^5s for finding my cellphone when the kids rang me up, talking on it, and never missing a frame of taking the video!! 🙂

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