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May movie compilation


Video: May movies

Aloha Sam Fans! The SamCam has been busy, and so has mommy…sifting, splicing, notating… I hope you enjoy seeing what Sam is up to these days. New pictures are up in the album as well. Just click on the picture above to go see what we’ve been doing this month. He continues to expand his vocabulary and says some really interesting things… So far the terrible twos are anything but! Much love to all of you…

busy week but lots of laughs

storytime at the base library

Video: the laugh

We’ve had a busy week but it’s been a good one. Sorry I haven’t posted new pictures or anything in a while. I have been working almost full time on an interesting project related to health promotion and Sammy has actually had a nanny for a few hours in the morning…the first time for us to do that. The project I’m working on is about 100 hours over 3 weeks so I found some excellent help to play with Sam in the morning while I crunch out a few hours before his naptime. It’s working out really well, although I miss him and really feel for all those moms who have to give up far more of their time with the kids than I do. We went to story time on base this morning (pictured above). Sammy enjoyed seeing the other kids, and then especially enjoyed time at the playground afterwards. The movie above is Sam having some Jello for dessert. I know how much you love the laugh…so I had to post this 🙂

chicken-raspberry lemonade


Video: I swim awound and AWOUND!

We started out our morning with some coffee and a muffin from a local bread bakery, then headed to the tide pools. I know, I know! We can’t get enough of them. While we were eating, a barista from Starbuck’s came by with a tray of little cups and asked if we’d like to try some lemonade. Well, that’s what we gathered from context. What it sounded like to both of us was “chicken-raspberry lemonade?” to which we agreed (huh?) rather than ask what in the world she had said. It wasn’t until much later we realized that we’d heard the same strange-sounding drink and we’ve both been wondering what she actually said all morning! There were Hawaiian canoe races in the bay all morning so we didn’t swim out to Flat Island (we’d be run over) but Dave snorkeled just outside the tide pools where Sam usually plays. He saw about 15 different kinds of fish! Next time we head out we’ll snap a movie of them – the tide was coming in this morning so the visibility wasn’t great for filming. Sam just woke up from his nap, so I’m signing off for now. We’re heading to see Alisdair Fraser play with Natalie Haas at a free concert. It will be Sam’s first concert – Alisdair is a reknowned Scottish fiddler and Natalie Haas will accompany him on the cello. Sam heard them play on NPR last week on our way up to the North Shore to guard the turtles and made motions like he was playing the fiddle. When I found some clips on YouTube a few nights ago, he was transfixed watching for about 45 minutes! I found a bunch of clips featuring little kids playing – ages 5-10 or so. It was neat for him to see the little boys really rockin’ with a bango or fiddle 🙂 So we are looking forward to seeing what he thinks about going to a REAL concert tonight, not just a DVD at home!

Mariner’s Ridge – a great family hike


Video: Doggie kisses

Sammy and I had a great time on this hike! He hitched a ride on the way up and walked down. I am guessing it’s about a 2 mi roundtrip hike with maybe 1000′ elevation gain. We had plate lunch and ice cream on our way back from our favorite haunts – Keneke’s and Dave’s, both in Waimanalo. Thanks to Nancy and Laurie for showing us the way! Nancy’s dogs were a big hit with Sammy – the two little doggies bounded around on the trail making Sam giggle all the way up!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Video: Sam’s first bouncy house

Here’s to all the mothers out there who count as their greatest joy in seeing their kids grow, play and learn. I hope you enjoy the movies I’ve posted this weekend as much as I’ve enjoyed capturing them.

I dedicated this weekend to learning some new software to splice together videos for our family in far-off places. My new camera is great – it takes video underwater! – but it records in .mov not .avi. The .mov format is unfortunately not compatible with my favorite editing program – Windows Movie Maker (comes standard with your operating system and is really easy to use). So I either have to spend a lot of time converting individual clips to .avi first, then edit, or learn a complex but powerful Adobe program to do it all in one place. I bet you know which alternative appealed most to me – one stop shopping! I think I’ve finally got a handle on it… I hope it works ok on your end. Enjoy!

Crème brûlée

Video: creme brulee for dessert

Sam ordered dessert at Bacci Bistro last weekend. He loved it! Such top-shelf taste 🙂 Wonder where he gets that! Mom treated us to a nice dinner before she left Hawaii for Washington. She’s in NYC for the weekend having a fun Mother’s Day celebration with Pig and Bear and their friends. Jealous! Sammy enjoyed eating out there, too, especially Chumley’s!!!

Sam in a Hamper

Video: Sam in a Hamper

We had a little fun with the laundry hamper while I was folding clothes this evening. Enjoy his infectious laugh! I don’t need to lift weights – he’s 36lbs and makes me do these stunts OVER and OVER, especially when Daddy isn’t around to do them. He loves “high jumps” too – I have to lift him to the ceiling on our way down the hall so he can touch the lights. No wonder I’m stiff many mornings 🙂

Sam plays native Hawaiian instruments

guarding the honu

Video: Polynesian revue

Mom, Sam and I went up to the North Shore yesterday for my first day “on the job” guarding the honu (green sea turtles). We had a great day and Brutus (one of the larger turtles) showed up to bask for us. Then we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center on the way home to check it out. Mom treated us to a nice lunch (we were starving!) then walked around and saw the different islands represented. We really enjoyed the demonstration of native Hawaiian instruments. Since the hula has its roots in a sacred dance performed only by men, we decided to let Sam try it out on the stage after the performers were done, using their authentic instruments. In the movie, you’ll even hear him singing! We might have borrowed a couple rocks from the grounds and added them to my “instruments” at home – part of a wind chime that broke in the gales a month ago, and a small bamboo drum I found at Sal’s on our way home from a run 🙂 Stay tuned for more videos now that I have new software to convert from .mov to .avi, splice them together, and compress them for you. Mom enjoyed entertaining Sam this morning while I got all this up and running . . . all Sam’s fans appreciate it, I know! 🙂


Video: Sam dancing at the Farmers’ Market.

Pronounced: “hoo-moo-hoo-moo-noo-koo-noo-koo-ah-poo-ah-ah”

Mom, Sam and I had a great time out on a glass-bottom-boat trip where I finally learned how to say the name of the Hawaiian state fish. It means literally “fish with a snout like a pig” and is also called a triggerfish. The lady on board the boat has an education background and gave a lot of good kid-level information on geology and marine life. She did a great job helping us visualize the name of this fish and I finally learned it 🙂 Sam can even sort-of say it…if you know what he’s trying to say you can decode it! More pictures from the trip in the Album above.

Last night the three of us (mom, Sam and me – Dave was working late) went to the Farmer’s Market for dinner, music and some produce. It’s a really neat gathering of community folks, and you can eat really well…cheap! Like it 🙂 The video above is Sam dancing to the music, which was quite good. What we didn’t catch on film was a cool head-banger move that he did a bit later. I don’t know how he keeps his balance so well. It helps that his center of gravity is a bit lower!

Today he went to the dentist (or the so-called “big mouth doctor” because Sam learned long ago from Gramma how to make a “big mouth” and a “small mouth”). Our dentist is fantastic – he’s an adult dentist but has three little boys so he knows how to relate to them. Sam has a little spot on one tooth that I’ve been watching. It doesn’t look like a cavity and we’re not sure what it is. We’ll keep following it, and our dentist will do some checking around. I’ll take a picture of it for him so he can solicit well-informed feedback from his colleagues. Sam did a great job opening up and letting him check. He got sick of the whole thing at one point and put up a good protest (he’s quite “vigorous” in his disagreements, although he rarely does this). But he calmed down right away and we proceeded. Mom was a big help on this visit and we enjoyed some nice reading time in the waiting room. We celebrated his first dental appointment with a little lunch, and of course – since we all have a sweet tooth – the best cookie in town.

Classified holiday greeting mission complete…

Video: Evening shenanigans

Sam and I have been on secret ops, working on a cool holiday greeting. We can’t yet divulge what it is, but family and friends should carefully watch their doorsteps during the next week. I will say that we had to do some initial recon, some phone calls, then lots of running around to a USDA inspector at the airport followed by a sprint to the post office at the other end of the airport.

Sunday at the beach

[photopress:IMGP8672.JPG,thumb,thumb]   [photopress:IMGP8681.JPG,thumb,thumb]
Sammy rides the boogie board in a novel way…

While Dave slaved away at the office, Sammy and I went to the beach with our friend Neil who is staying with us for a few days. The weather was gorgeous! Sam loved the big waves, especially the ones that totally knocked us off our feet. He also enjoyed boogie boarding…check out his unique take on it in the video.  The picture above of Nana and PopPop are from our last morning with them. We’re on our way to Cinnamon’s (of course!) for pancakes. Sam is carrying his “laptop” – a special gift from Nana and PopPop. He also enjoyed lounging with Neil this morning and watching football. He’s turning into such a little man 🙂

Sam tries to say “Bear”!

[photopress:IMGP8447.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:IMGP8460.JPG,thumb,thumb]

Video: Sam tries to say “Bear”

Sam and I had a great time at the Kailua Beach tide pools for lunch today. I posted a whole bunch of new pictures – go to “Album” above and follow the link to the November album (2006-11). Enjoy the movie of Sam saying “bay-oo” as well!

good times!

[photopress:IMGP8398.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:IMGP8401.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:IMGP8402.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:IMGP8404.JPG,thumb,thumb]

Video: Awesome ukulele performance!
I can’t even begin to describe today’s events. I’ll just bottomline it – I called mom at about 3pm today saying “I found your car, and he’ll be there in a few minutes to show it to you!” Mom will be here for 4 months to escape the winter blues in rainy Washington; Pete joined us yesterday as well. We’ve been having a good time getting them settled into their beach cottage. So next on the list was finding a car they could use for 4 months.

hike with a view

Video and photos: 2006-09-30 Pillbox hike

We went on a quick hike in Lanikai yesterday, near our home. The ridge hike offered great views, and a tiny bit of treacherous footing! I wish I had my trekking poles with me, but Dave served as a great substitute. Sam enjoyed the hike from his backpack vantage point. It was too high and steep for him to get out and walk. Hope you enjoy the movie. Note – at 24 sec into the video, you are looking down onto where we live, back toward some green space (the marsh). Around 20 sec you are looking at the Marine Corps base, a peninsula that juts out into the ocean. We otherwise had a pretty lazy weekend working on projects which seemed like they should go quickly but mushroomed into more. We got out for a good bike ride today onto the Marine Corps base – a trail that circled some very ancient fishponds. Nice ride.

Tonight we had dinner with our friends Mike and Angel – it was so great to see them and enjoy an impromptu dinner together. Dave whipped up a good tuna farfalle for us and Sam enjoyed chomping down dinner, then lots of dessert as he circled everyone’s laps to read and swipe their chocolates. He was a little wound up afterwards 🙂

Sam’s laugh and misc updates

Video: Sam’s laugh!

This is Sam’s most-requested video, so I am posting it where it’s easy to find when you need a good laugh. The deck was finished yesterday, and Sam and I planted trees and flowers all afternoon. We planted a lemon and lime tree, four hibiscus, two jasmine, transplanted a tea leaf and planted a couple palms.