Sam tries to say “Bear”!

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Video: Sam tries to say “Bear”

Sam and I had a great time at the Kailua Beach tide pools for lunch today. I posted a whole bunch of new pictures – go to “Album” above and follow the link to the November album (2006-11). Enjoy the movie of Sam saying “bay-oo” as well!


  1. Tita Bear & Tito Pig 14 November, 2006

    I have to say that this might be the best present I’ve received in a long time!! This really brings a much needed smile to my face!! Al -dog, I just got your email and you are totally right, things have been crazy at work!! I will bring you up to speed this weekend, but I am so tired every night I come home. Dont worry, I always check this site every night before I go to sleep and mr. pants is my screensaver so i see his face every day!!!! I just dont have the energy to write these days! Lov you guys!!

  2. gramma Oli 15 November, 2006

    OK, I’m gramma-hooked-on-sammy. I watched the video last night over and over, and 3 times tonight. Just look at his delight in making those lips form a word. Absolutely captivating! Great video, Alli. Were you driving?? YEOW! (‘course, I know you weren’t!)

    On a personal, on-site note — his new “PuckerKiss” is quite smashing! 🙂

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