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Video and photos: 2006-09-30 Pillbox hike

We went on a quick hike in Lanikai yesterday, near our home. The ridge hike offered great views, and a tiny bit of treacherous footing! I wish I had my trekking poles with me, but Dave served as a great substitute. Sam enjoyed the hike from his backpack vantage point. It was too high and steep for him to get out and walk. Hope you enjoy the movie. Note – at 24 sec into the video, you are looking down onto where we live, back toward some green space (the marsh). Around 20 sec you are looking at the Marine Corps base, a peninsula that juts out into the ocean. We otherwise had a pretty lazy weekend working on projects which seemed like they should go quickly but mushroomed into more. We got out for a good bike ride today onto the Marine Corps base – a trail that circled some very ancient fishponds. Nice ride.

Tonight we had dinner with our friends Mike and Angel – it was so great to see them and enjoy an impromptu dinner together. Dave whipped up a good tuna farfalle for us and Sam enjoyed chomping down dinner, then lots of dessert as he circled everyone’s laps to read and swipe their chocolates. He was a little wound up afterwards 🙂


  1. great grandma 2 October, 2006

    greetings from chicago..i flew in yesterday and am waiting for aunt patti to come home from work..she’s doing half days while i,m here..the hike sounds rather hairy but what scenery!! they don’t call it paradise for no reason…keep enjoying it all!! give sammy hugs and kisses from me..love, g.g.

  2. Gramma Oli 2 October, 2006

    Save some of those chocolates for me!!

    I like the new application! Your still shots are gorgeous!

    Pretty soon I’ll be reading these messages from Kailua! 🙂

    Love and hugs for all,

  3. Molly Pendlebury 3 October, 2006

    Cool video! I’ll have to have my Mom check that one out and see if she remembers back to her 20’s being there. 🙂

    You know, I’ve always noticed but now I’m convinced……you are the biggest lovers of fish I’ve ever known!! Good for you! I’m all about white tuna from the can and white mild fish like Hallibut but that’s pretty much where it ends for me. I wish I had your pallats! I think I spelled that wrong….oh well. 😛 Have an AWESOME day!!

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