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Video: Sam’s laugh!

This is Sam’s most-requested video, so I am posting it where it’s easy to find when you need a good laugh. The deck was finished yesterday, and Sam and I planted trees and flowers all afternoon. We planted a lemon and lime tree, four hibiscus, two jasmine, transplanted a tea leaf and planted a couple palms. We got some plants for inside the house, too. We were so worn out that we went out to dinner last night – it was so fun to enjoy having dinner out with Sam. He delights in connecting with other people and is a wonderful dinner companion. He is getting used to eating salad, and even ate some lettuce and carrot slivers without any encouragement from mom! Usually he plucks the olives off and shuns the green stuff. He was very interested in when and how dessert (coconut cream bread pudding!) was coming. We pointed out the kitchen door at the restaurant and said the dessert comes through there when it’s ready. Well, he had himself completely turned around in the chair with eyes locked on that door until it came out! He is enjoying telling “stories” with many hand gestures. I will have to capture one on video to show you. He isn’t using words quite yet, but is sure interested in communicating. He recognizes some letters, especially S A M (go figure!), and is beginning to draw shapes (circles).


  1. Gramma Oli 28 September, 2006

    Ohhhh, I can just see the little guy looking at the dessert door. I miss seeing him every day!! But pretty soon, I’ll be there for at least 4 months — yippeeeee!

  2. Molly Pendlebury 3 October, 2006

    OMG! I do really love that video!! I’m so glad you reposted it!

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