Video: Sam dancing at the Farmers’ Market.

Pronounced: “hoo-moo-hoo-moo-noo-koo-noo-koo-ah-poo-ah-ah”

Mom, Sam and I had a great time out on a glass-bottom-boat trip where I finally learned how to say the name of the Hawaiian state fish. It means literally “fish with a snout like a pig” and is also called a triggerfish. The lady on board the boat has an education background and gave a lot of good kid-level information on geology and marine life. She did a great job helping us visualize the name of this fish and I finally learned it 🙂 Sam can even sort-of say it…if you know what he’s trying to say you can decode it! More pictures from the trip in the Album above.

Last night the three of us (mom, Sam and me – Dave was working late) went to the Farmer’s Market for dinner, music and some produce. It’s a really neat gathering of community folks, and you can eat really well…cheap! Like it 🙂 The video above is Sam dancing to the music, which was quite good. What we didn’t catch on film was a cool head-banger move that he did a bit later. I don’t know how he keeps his balance so well. It helps that his center of gravity is a bit lower!

Today he went to the dentist (or the so-called “big mouth doctor” because Sam learned long ago from Gramma how to make a “big mouth” and a “small mouth”). Our dentist is fantastic – he’s an adult dentist but has three little boys so he knows how to relate to them. Sam has a little spot on one tooth that I’ve been watching. It doesn’t look like a cavity and we’re not sure what it is. We’ll keep following it, and our dentist will do some checking around. I’ll take a picture of it for him so he can solicit well-informed feedback from his colleagues. Sam did a great job opening up and letting him check. He got sick of the whole thing at one point and put up a good protest (he’s quite “vigorous” in his disagreements, although he rarely does this). But he calmed down right away and we proceeded. Mom was a big help on this visit and we enjoyed some nice reading time in the waiting room. We celebrated his first dental appointment with a little lunch, and of course – since we all have a sweet tooth – the best cookie in town.


  1. Gramma Oli 31 March, 2007

    Even though I got to enjoy the day first hand, I’ve enjoyed it again with an early evening glass of wine and a “stroll” through the pictures. If that sounds good to you, just click on the word ALBUM at the top of this page, and have fun for awhile! 🙂

  2. great gramma or g.g.ntm401@ 31 March, 2007

    LOVED THE DANCING VIDEO!! you guys are having so much fun that it comes close to envying you,which you know is not nice! seriously, sam is a lucky little boy to have such a great mom !!what a fabulous record to have of his early years. and his dad is pretty special too! love to all, g.g.

  3. Gail 31 March, 2007

    What a great little dancer!!!! Loved being able to see Sammy’s antics in the video. Sounds like a good time was had by all! Any strange new foods offered? Miss those awesome purple sweet potatoes!

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