ball kick-and-catch movie


video: ball kick and catch

The video above is Sam showing off his kick and catch skills at Gramma and Grandpa Pete’s little cottage. It is wonderful to see him have so much fun with at least one set of grandparents. Wish all the family could be so close! At least we’ve had wonderful extended adventures each year back to the east coast to see everyone. Those are great memories.

Also above is a picture from weekend adventures up to the North Shore. We had quite a day doing random things while waiting for the truck to get serviced: breakfast at IHOP, then romping in the water at Turtle Bay Resort (Sam is getting pretty good at doggie paddling), followed by a nap on the beach while Dave and I spotted whales breaching offshore (they were huge!), then off to Laniakea beach to see our friends the honu (turtles) basking in the late afternoon sun, then finally driving through Haleiwa where we had ice cream for dinner!

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