Paddleboarding adventure


Video: Alli and Ben SUP in stiff wind and current

Mom rented the paddleboard again so she could work on standing up before Pete leaves for WA on Tues. Unfortunately the trade winds weren’t cooperating and they were much stronger today than predicted. The waves were choppy and the current very strong. Mom got to her knees well but standing up is quite a challenge. I tried my hand at it and was only up for about a minute or so. I practiced on my knees for quite some time, learning what the current and swells were doing so I’d be able to manage once standing. If I were more confident, knew what I was doing (!) and not pregnant…it would be super fun! Still hooked on it. I need a board 🙂

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  1. Gramma Oli 28 March, 2008

    It’s a whole lot of crazy fun, even though the best pictures taken of me are the ones with a big splash right next to an empty paddleboard. I’m still under water! 🙂 I am so determined that I’ll be able to do this, however, that I’ll try again tomorrow, but alas, the winds are predicted to be 10-20 mph. Heck! For some reason, it really is FUN! Alli was spectacular today. That video shows a couple of swells she went right over!

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