Surfin’ safari


Video: Sammy surfs!

Here’s a little movie of our buddy learning to surf. He’s also wearing big boy underpants now (pirates today!) I tried surfing on the boogie board, too. It was pretty cool. I actually had about an inch of clearance between sand and board with half of my body underwater 🙂 Still, I could kinda learn the feel of balancing on a board. Hey Doug – I know it’s pathetic, but it’s a step in the right direction! Looking forward to our next adventure on the boards, brah 🙂

PS – Sammy went on a run with me down our marsh trail. It’s become one of our favorite outings. I run as fast as I can the ~1.5mi to the turnaround point, then we do stretches (and I recover from some nausea!) and he jogs as far as he wants. Usually he goes about 1/2 mi, but yesterday he had his running shoes on (he is SOOOOO cute in those little running shoes!) and decided to jog then walk/jog pushing the stroller all the way home. Poor guy even got some chafing like a real runner. What a trooper. I can’t believe how much energy he has! He ate a big dinner and then a special dessert that daddy made – fudge brownies with peanut butter cup ice cream and whipped cream…and…well I’ll stop there. It was first day off on leave dessert 🙂 We have a busy couple days lined up then hope to catch a space-a flight to WA on Thursday for a few days. We miss the area, especially during the warm, dry summer months.


  1. Gramma (Oli) 19 August, 2007

    He looks so relaxed!! Far better on a boogie board than gramma is! SMOOTCHES to you SamPants!!

  2. Gail 22 August, 2007

    Looking good Sammy!
    I am finally caught up on the events and the pictures!

  3. Tita Bear & Tito Pig 26 August, 2007

    He’s a natural Moon-Doggie!! Go pants!! Too bad our sound went out of our computer…tito pig has to do some computer fixin!! miss you!!
    lov, tita bear & tito pig

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