family run takes on a whole new meaning

Video: Sammy gets some pirate gear from Tito Pig and Tita Bear!

Dave and I went for a little jog the other day along the marsh trail by our home. Sammy wanted to get out and jog at our turnaround point. I figured he’d go a couple hundred yards and get back in. But he actually “jogged” – picked a pace that he could sustain and kept going! I had only just mentioned it to him a week ago on base – the concept of jogging. He must have liked it, I guess! Although I never push running, sometimes we play around with races and he draws a starting line and then says “on your mark, ready, set, go!” and we’re off to the races. I can’t describe how it moved me to see him running beside me. His little form jogging, swinging his arms just like a little jogger. If you ever (EVER) doubt the power of a parent’s influence, don’t. Several days later I’m still floored.

You would think I’m exaggerating if I told you how far he ran…you’d think it was one of those tall Alli stories, or that I’m a lunatic endangering her child. (People already wonder about my hiking with him and how far a child can comfortably walk!) Soooo…you wanna know? Ok. Dave can vouch for me and Sammy…about 1/2 a mile. No kidding! He stopped twice for a total of about 20 seconds. I thought he might want to quit but he took a breath and picked right back up after picking out a new “finish line.” When we thought he’d actually had enough and accept a ride, he still refused and said “NO! I wanna run!” We convinced him to take a drink and let mommy and daddy run for a bit 🙂 What a kid! Yes, Leo, if you’re reading – I actually took his pulse (try doing that with a squirmy sweaty kid) to see if he was ok. It was about 150bpm. I’m assuming that’s fine because kids’ pulses typically run a little faster than ours, right? I still have to look that one up. Or you can shoot me a line if you know the answer 🙂 Enjoy the video of the little pirate. It’s about 90 seconds long.

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  1. Molly 29 June, 2007

    I’m so thrilled you had a great birthday!! I’m so in awe of your motovation and all you accomlish. I miss you so much. XOXO Molly

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