“Did you bring Sam’s goggles?”

Rainy day run movie

Dave is such a nut – for some inexplicable reason, I wanted to go for a run with the boys (all three of them). It didn’t matter that it was raining out. Really raining. I mean, in Washington I ran throughout the winter (think freezing rain, golf-ball hail storms, 30knot winds…) with Sam packed into a big fleece footie-pant zip-up outfit and a fleece balaclava, all tucked into a rain cover over the stroller. He was very warm and cozy in there. So, my reasoning is if you have the right gear, you can tackle anything. And we have gear! I am a gearhead. So…my rationale is continue to pack up the kids and proceed with the plan until you hit an obstacle. If the obstacle truly can’t be overcome, then go ahead and abort the plan. But not until you’ve thoroughly vetted the obstacle. So as I’m loading the stroller, Dave goes “Did you grab Sam’s goggles?” with his Dave-serious face 🙂 He is too funny. Sam really wanted to run, so I got him out about a mile from the finish and he ran next to Dave, both boys stomping as much as they could in the puddles. I had to take a movie – with my waterproof camera! – so you could see. As we pushed the stroller through many huge puddles, I remarked that they were pretty deep. Sam picked up on that right away due to all his swimming in the ocean, and reminders not to go too deep. He goes “How deep was it mommy???” Dave responded – “I think I saw a fish in that one!” We had a great time, got totally soaked, Sam wiped out and got soaked up to his waist in one puddle but was holding onto Dave’s hand and got righted quickly :0 Afterwards we went out for soup and bread pudding pancakes 🙂 I think this is one of those adventures that will long live in my mind, and Sam’s too. Dave says he really racked up goodwill points this weekend between my pedicure yesterday, wine tasting with the girlfriends last night and a rainy day family run 🙂 He’s right…

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  1. gramma Oli 29 October, 2008

    I know where you went to eat!!!

    Will watch the video when I get my laptop booted again. Goint to bed now — a tired puppy.

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