Broom hockey with Uncle Tim!


Uncle Tim making do with what he can find around here – inline skates, a broom and a kid’s golf club!

Video: broom hockey!

Sam is really going to miss his Uncle Tim. We had a banner day today – planting the garden that Dave built in the side walkway, including digging a big hole to plant a papaya tree I bought Dave for his birthday (in Dec!). It was so great to see (and hear!) Tim and Sam working away side by side. Sam took the empty planter pots and stacked them up out of the way, then he sprayed water in the holes before putting the plants in. I put him in a chair in the shade with water so he could relax and “help” Uncle Tim but within 30 seconds he decided he was done “relaxing” and wanted to work. What a nice boy. Meanwhile I was staining the deck and pruning the rest of the yard. Ben was due today…guess he decided it wasn’t time quite yet. Sam got to swim in the pool twice today – once after all our yardwork and then again when Dave got home. He loves jumping off the side and floating around under the water with his goggles on. He’s really working on teaching himself to swim and making wonderful progress. Soon we’ll do swimming lessons – but for now he’s very determined to teach himself and insists “no! don’t help me!”

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