New trampoline tricks

Video: Knee jump-ups

Video: One-legged hopping

Thanks to mom for grabbing these videos while I got to just enjoy watching my little boy teach himself some new tricks on the trampoline. He goes and goes for 30 minutes straight – this time I couldn’t even entice him off for water. He responded “No, I can just stay right here and YOU can go get my water.” He didn’t want to get off! These videos show a little slice of his tricks – hopping on one leg and jumping to his knees then popping right back up to his feet. He taught himself that one and kept working at it until he really got it. In other news . . . We are all doing well. I’m staring my 7th month of pregnancy, Ben is doing fine and I’m staying as fit as I can. This is a much easier pregnancy than Sam’s – Dave is home, I’m not having complications, I’m not in night courses, etc. Some things are different – I can’t sleep 11 hrs like I did before, and I am working from home so every second is accounted for. I just received a very nice gift from a client who is also a friend and mentor – a two-volume Encyclopedia of Epidemiology for which I wrote several entries. It was an honor to collaborate with her on the entries, and the encyclopedia volumes are beautiful. They will sure come in very handy when I start my PhD! Dave’s eyes are totally healed from his PRK and he can enjoy sports and the outdoors without glasses on. So nice for him! He’s also continuing to work toward his degree in Diplomacy and Military History, hoping to grab a Master’s before we leave here. Mom is here through Ben’s arrival, thankfully! She is a huge help and Sam enjoys her company immensely. Pete will be back in a week. Here’s a picture from this past weekend.


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  1. cc 14 February, 2008

    Love the trampoline videos! They bring back memories of my childhood (at camp), my children (we had a neighborhood trampoline when Andy and Steve were young) and grandchildren (Michael requested and received a mini-trampoline for his 4th birthday).

    Great jumping, Sammy!

    Love cc

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