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Holiday hike!

Great end to Fall Break - hiking with school buddies. (9 kids under 9!)

Great end to Fall Break - hiking with school buddies. (9 kids under 9!)

after-school hike

A nice after-school hike complete with climbing wall, waterfall, real jungle gym (wild hau tangle), and even a swimsuit photo shoot. Something for everyone!

A nice after-school hike complete with climbing wall, waterfall, real jungle gym (wild hau tangle), and even a swimsuit photo shoot. Something for everyone!

Thought you were interested in the waterfall-waterslide!

Thought you were interested in the waterfall-waterslide!

Another great new trail – the Hau’ula Loop!

Another great hike today with our buddies! It rained, but that's what made it so gorgeous. Photos via picture above.

Another great hike today with our buddies! It rained, but that's what made it so gorgeous. Photos via picture above.

Pedaling through plumerias

A bike/run through the Koko Crater botanical garden, with plumerias in peak bloom.

A bike/run through the Koko Crater botanical garden, with plumerias in peak bloom.

Every night I ask the boys what they’re thankful for as we say prayers. Ben always says “Gwamma” (except for one night when he said “Dante” – a boy we met briefly while swimming two weeks ago). Tonight Sam said “For making me go up the big hills on my bike.” We both struggled a bit on our bike/trail run today because there was more of an incline than I remember and it was very rocky. Ben was bouncing all over in his off-road BOB stroller ;0 and Sam would pedal hard then get off and push. But as we puffed and pedaled, we noticed lots of cacti, some of them in bloom, and plenty of birds chirping. We had a good time out there, learning persistence. We also had a chance to talk about studying hills before speeding down them on the bike. So we’d stop at the top of a hill, look it over, pick a good path down then head off. Sam really handled some tricky stuff well, like when your front wheel jumps around as it skids on rocks. Those of us who have done some single-track know that聽if you stay relaxed and trust you’ll stay upright, you generally do. It’s when you panic and tense up聽that you manage to run into exactly the thing you were hoping to avoid! (Jenni I’m thinking about your recent race and would love to hear more of your stories!) So in talking over how to stay relaxed, I mentioned Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” to Sam – he has heard the song, and I think understood the metaphor. You just pretend you’re rolling down the hill like a big stone, bumping around a bit on the way but heading down just fine. It’s an odd sense of sharing control with gravity – you’re really not in 100% control at all but the trick is to keep from tensing up. Tough to do. So on some of the hills that looked really big at the start, we walked part way then he got on. When we rounded the last curve, Sam said to me “When you’re on the hill it doesn’t look as big and high as it does when you’re at the top.” Good observation, buddy. You will do well in life with an attitude like that, knowing that you will get through it and it won’t be as daunting once you’ve committed yourself to completion. Love you boys!

happy hikers

Mariner's Ridge - Sam 4 1/2 and Ben almost 15 months (asleep!)
Mariner’s Ridge – Sam 4 1/2 and Ben almost 15 months (asleep!)
Sam at 3 yrs old and Ben 6 months gestation (probably sleeping!)
Sam at 3 yrs old and Ben 6 months gestation (probably sleeping!)

I have always loved this picture of me hiking with Sam (and Ben in belly). I thought to ask April to grab a similar picture of the three of us today. We had a great time hiking with our friend, April, and really enjoyed finding another cache. We also loved how the clouds drifted by at the summit, obscuring our view some of the time, then unveiling it softly a few minutes later. I just walked these photos over to Sam so he could see how much bigger he is now. He enjoyed comparing how much he’s grown, and how fast he hiked up this time – only an hour to the top and no snack stop! Wow (for reference it’s 1.5 miles to the top and 800′ elevation gain). I am still impressed he did this at 3 yrs old all by himself! What a guy.

creepy hike

Big hiker boy!
Big hiker boy!

A big bunch of us got together for a hike this morning – I think there were 8 grown-ups (counting an awesome 12 yr old boy!) and 8 kids from 1 yr to 5 years old. So that was a good ratio – about 1:1! We went to Bellows and romped around the ironwoods, then out onto the old runway to take a look at a weird prop that I found a while ago – a huge skull that we think was used for a haunted house maybe? Anyway…we all had a great time. Ben wanted to hike the whole thing! I tried to carry him a few times but he squirmed to get down and keep up with the big kids. What a trooper he is. I tried to measure the distance – it was at least a mile, probably just a hair over. But with all his darting forward then scooting back to pick up a pine cone, who knows! He just really enjoyed himself, then we had snacks under the shelter of the lanai during a shower, then out to the playground, THEN Sam wanted to swim with Aiden…finally wrangled them all home in time to see Dave off to work (he’s still on swings through the weekend and next week). I am tired! Not to mention I’m not sleeping well…there was a mouse in the house a few days ago, which we caught, but I keep hearing things at night just as I’m about to drift off to sleep. Then in the middle of the night I SWEAR I heard something laughing at me – imagine a high-pitched squeaky voice giggling at you? It sounded like the mouse was laughing at me, right on my bedstand. I honestly can’t think of anything that would sound like that at all in the room, so either I am going totally crazy or the mouse did squeak at me. Do they squeak? Do mice climb up things or scoot around on floors? I am hoping it’s just floor scooting, not crawling up walls like geckoes. (Alden, man who knows all, if you’re reading this and you’re about to inform me that they DO crawl up things, please just don’t even comment! Remember, I said I was not sleeping well! In a few weeks you can weigh in on this…)聽 Then today on the hike there was some teasing – “poopie-head” I think. So I talked to Sam about how we never say that (I don’t think he did, but he thought it was funny when he heard it), but then tonight in the bath it was all poopie water – somehow there were particles floating around! Did Ben do it? I never heard or saw anything come out. So then I’m thinking “GROSS!” poopie water! Ewwww! Flush out tub, rewash everyone in a shower, put in cleaner and let it sit all night, clean all toys…ayy yii yii. I had already had to do two washes of linens yesterday and today because Ben apparently does not like to poop on hikes. He prefers to store up a huge load then poop after his luxurious nap in his bed, then it creeps out of the diaper and he does poop-stamps all over the bed by standing up then flopping down so the stuff comes out in a nice little line of poop-stamp. Ewwwww. What a couple days. I pray for sleep tonight, no huge poops tomorrow, and more laughs. Check the album for the rest of the July pictures. About to upload…

A great hike with a great friend :)

An a'pua'a sneaking up on Ben!
An a’pua’a sneaking up on Ben!

We went hiking with April yesterday on Pu’u Pia – one of our favorites! It was Dave’s first time up that little peak, and Sam was so excited to show him the way. He chatted all the way up and down! We also swung on some vines hanging from a tree and had lunch at P.F. Chang’s in Waikiki with April’s son, Ben. What fun! Love having another A here!

Digging Hill

Sam is a crazy guy!

Sam is a crazy guy!

Sam is a trail diver, mud eater! Here we are on a little hike with Gramma on Tuesday. I just got all the March pictures posted to date. There are some good ones, and video 馃檪 Sorry I’ve gotten behind lately. Been busy going to doctor appts (all is well) and working. And preparing for our big journey to Scotland (passports, shots, etc.). Not much in the way of spare time of late… This hike was Pu’u Ma’eli’eli (Digging Hill). The name was apt. More about the hike and all our other doings in the album.

Listen to some music from the islands…this is by Makana (click to play mp3). Pu’uanahulu We heard him play at Honey’s last Sunday. Absolutely captivating to hear live. Turn it up and close your eyes. Words and translation below. Hear more from him and catch him live on the mainland.

Pu`uanahulu – by David Alapai

Nani wale Pu`u Anahulu i ka `iu `iu
`脗ina pali kaulana pu`u kinikini

Beautiful Pu`u Anahulu in its lofty realm
A land of cliffs famous for its many hills

Hui (Chorus):
L没 `ia mai l没 `ia mai k么 `oukou aloha
E n芒 manu `么`么 hulu melemele

Offer, give your love
Oh you `么`么 birds with yellow feathers

Ua helu `ia n芒 pu`u o Anahulu
Kapa `ia ka inoa Pu`uanahulu

The hills of Anahulu have been counted
And the name of Pu`uanahulu is given

No ka betera nani a ke Akua
Kapa ka inoa ka lamak没 i keola

For the beautiful house of God
Named the standing light of life

Ha`ina `ia mai ana ka puana
Kaulana kou inoa Pu`uanahulu

Tell the theme of the song
Famous is your name, Pu`uanahulu

Source: Ea Collection – Translated by Larry Lindsey Kimura & Joseph Maka`ai



Sam and I have been reading about the first Thanksgiving, and inviting the Indians to share in the bounty. So he is very curious about Native Americans right now.

“the next time we hike…

I want you to bring my camp chair so that I have a place to sit on the asphalt that is not too hot so I can eat my snacks.” Can you believe him? I’m just remembering this sentence.

Pu’u Pia hike with Ang


Ang and I relived old times by hiking with Sam (and Ben) up Pu’u Pia. This is one of Sam’s favorite hikes and we had a great time. It was rainy but we really didn’t get wet due to the dense foliage and the sunshine which chased the clouds away from our little ridge. We also spotted Ang’s husband Josh’s carrier just off the coast, waiting to pull in. We waved, Josh! We also enjoyed a latte on our way to the hike, just like we did when we hiked together in Washington, at Grand Forest (Bainbridge Island) and also Green Mt. It was so good to be on the trail with you again, Ang!!!

waterfall hike with new hiking buddies


We had a great time hiking with some new friends we met really randomly – through a neighbor through Craigslist 馃檪 Our group of 3 moms and 5 kids hiked to Pali Falls (see photos). The kids got messy but we all had a great time. It’s so nice to check out new trails and find like-minded moms. We also found another geocache site脗聽– I’m calling Kathy “cache-dawg” now 馃檪 Here’s a note from TheQueenBee – the lady who created the cache we found. Nice to have new mystery friends! (

re: Little Mason Jar cache

Yaay! Congratulations on finding the cache! I saw the picture of the kids– they have got to be the youngest that have hiked in on their own to this cache! Hope they had fun. If they enjoyed this, you might try going to “Jasmine’s Permanent Christmas Tree” and “Kiddie Cache’ with them. Have fun. TQB

“Am I a crazy hiker?”


Yesterday we did our first family hike – the Makiki Valley Trail. We had a great time, and found a nature center to check out when it’s open (we hiked on the Fourth).

first shake-down hike


The three of us headed out for Ben’s first hike today. He is 13 days old. We chose the nearby Friendship Garden – it’s 5 minutes away and only about a mile and a half long. A little climbing, a good lookout for a snack, and great views. Plus, plenty of “loot” in the form of sticks and seed pods to bring home.

hiking at Bellows


Sammy and I enjoyed one more hike with our friends Kathy, Anneliese and Calleigh – I’m due tomorrow 馃檪 Here’s Sam smiling away as he shows us a tiny tiny spider web. He’s been watching Charlotte’s Web a little at a time at night and loves the story. He especially likes Templeton. Dan – I understand you had a Templeton? Was that his name? Sam said he’d like a REAL Templeton, “one that walks around” – I told him I’m sure Templeton lives in the nearby orange tree (we don’t really need a REAL Templeton, do we?).

Tim is here with us just one more week. I wonder if he’ll get to meet Ben after all? Wouldn’t that be crazy if he’s here a month and Ben decides to be overdue?