Sam and I have been reading about the first Thanksgiving, and inviting the Indians to share in the bounty. So he is very curious about Native Americans right now. He understands native culture from visiting some places here that attempt to recreate portions of native Hawaiian culture. I showed him some Indian dances on youtube and yesterday on our hike we attempted to come up with an Indian name for him. Portions of the Pillbox hike are so steep and slippery you have to basically go up on all fours, even more so coming down! He looked like a little crab at times. Sam did a great job yesterday on this nearby hike – I think this was the first time he scrambled up entirely on his own with no hand-hold help. We had a really nice time just the three of us. We have missed our hiking buddies lately due to illness but it was nice to be on the trail again!

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  1. Liisa Roberts 15 November, 2008

    We miss you too!

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