Hau'ula Loop Trail

IMGP0004  This is a great trail for the kids - we had a lot of fun with Michelle and her gang. IMGP0008  They always love swinging on roots! IMGP0011  Funny-face time! IMGP0014  My little buddy did it almost all by himself! About 2 miles on his own little legs.
IMGP0016  At the second ridge, looking out over a wet valley. It was gorgeous despite the rain. Or because of it! IMGP0023  Down the second ridge, working our way down toward a snack spot. IMGP0025  Love these Cook Pines! IMGP0028  I really liked this shot for some reason - the dirty paw ready for a cleansing from the "fingers" of the branch.
IMGP0031  Catching some water... IMGP0032 IMGP0033  Big and little brothers on the trail. IMGP0034  A soft spot for the snack crew.
IMGP0035  Mila doing some funny caterpillar move to humor Miss Alli :) IMGP0037  The savage snackers! IMGP0038  Trail mix is the mother lode for hungry hikers. Look at all the paws! IMGP0039  The sun peeked out for us!
IMGP0042  And offered nice views as we crossed streams. IMGP0043  Dense forest sparkling with sunlight. IMGP0047  Aidan - one of Sam's buddies. He made all kinds of funny faces to amuse Ben :) IMGP0048  Kids being silly as I check the GPS :)
IMGP0050  More funny faces. IMGP0052  Aidan took this shot for us! IMGP0055  Awww...puppy came on the hike! IMGP0133  Out on a hike with Daddy to a new trail up in Hau'ula.
IMGP0134  Funny boys! Ben carrying his own pack this time. IMGP0138  A little trail conference. See all the buttons on Sam's pack? We're up to 17 trails we've scouted and approved now, each with their own little peakbagger button. IMGP0143  Barreling up the trail! IMGP0151  A multi-level waterfall with little pools - presumably for piggies to swim in :)
IMGP0153  Dave took a pan of the valley view. IMGP0157  Mommy! What are you doing!?