IMGP0072  We decided to take a hike just as the sun was peeking out today - this is a hot trail to be on in the sun, but we had plenty of water and sunscreen, so off we went. It's like a 1/2 mile climbing wall for the boys - 500 ft elevation gain over rocky terrain. We're trying on one of several funny faces here :) IMGP0079  And a new summit stance :) Past Sam we could see the other islands south-west of Oahu - Molokai, Maui and Lanai. IMGP0080  Crazy guys! Fun to have the bunker to ourselves finally :) IMGP0081  The water looked so great! Sam said that when he is older he's going to bring a parachute and jump right off the bunker to get down! I believe him. He is far more daring than his quiet demeanor might suggest. Just like his daddy. Did you know Dave juggled knives in a high school talent show? I'm sure he regrets ever telling me that...but it was a defining moment in our relationship. I had no idea...
IMGP0082  Crazy mommy! Look at Ben's face here :) He is so funny! And Sam is just nuts! IMGP0083  Here's where we came from. The golf course is where we parked. You can see the trail along the ridge... IMGP0084  Coming down the hike - Sam is saying the wind can make him fly! IMGP0085  Cute boys. Ben is wearing Sam's Merrells.
IMGP0086  Stinky carrion cactus. Learning about shapes on da hike. IMGP0094  Back at the truck, the boys decided to freshen up a bit before we go get shave ice. Guess what the used? IMGP0096  Baby powder! ALL OVER! IMGP0098  Cute! Yes, very nice. Into Bob's pizza we went, then to Shave Ice. We get lots of looks around town.
IMGP0099  In the hair, too! IMGP0101  Oh yes, lovely after a hot hike! IMGP0114  And a pizza pool party at night for moms with deployed spouses. Here is Sam with his long-time buddy Mikko Dakota. Fun boys! IMGP0121  Not to be outdone...mommy's heart is in her throat as she says "watch your step! easy does it!"
IMGP0128  Stopped, toes on edge, proper form and...blast off!