2010-07 JULY

Pillbox hike

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Vaca Bible School

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IMGP2887  Here's a shot of this crazy chicken we got at a geocache probably almost a year ago. It's a favorite toy! Anyone know where this comes from? A happy meal maybe? IMGP2889  Mom made some good dinner while Dad is gone- quesadillas with real corn tortillas! Sam said "It's like being at a restaurant!" They devoured it :) Photo-0011  Sam made some cookies for dessert tonight, which we promptly devoured. Look at that face, just for Daddy! IMGP2922  Out on a bike-run at Pearl Harbor during RIMPAC, a multinational exercise which brings ships from many Pacific Rim nations to Pearl. We're not sure what or who this is but it was cool.
IMGP2923 IMGP2925  Whoa...pointing at the big ship. IMGP2926  Then to Scott pool for a swim - more high dive time and even a water slide! Woo hoo! IMGP2927  Go Sam! We were the first in the pool when they opened :)
IMGP2934  What a jumper he is! IMGP2935  Lots of pictures for Daddy to see - Dave has been in Guam for all this adventuring. IMGP2936  Won't he be surprised when HE has to do the high dive?! Sam knows that Dad was a big diver in his day. IMGP2938  He likes to watch the big guys do flips and land on their backs.
IMGP2941  There's the 120' water slide. IMGP2943  Snack time! IMGP2944  Isn't this a cool tree? It's right by Scott pool. There's a picnic area and a playground right outside the pool fence. IMGP2946  Nice climbing, buddy. What a great find this was. We don't usually venture over but now that Sam rules the pools (i.e., having passed the swim test at K-bay, which is harder than the rest of the pools on the island, he can go where he pleases). After this we headed home for Ben to nap and mom to work.
IMGP3013  A cactus flower budding on the "cacti lanai"! IMGP3016  Ben at church with "Mr. Purrfect", who Ben helps to behave at church. Donuts and lemonade afterwards for good boys. :) Photo-0015  Oh yeah! Look at the little finger! IMGP0058  Swimming at the tide pools :)
IMGP0060  Here we are! IMGP0063  Sam taking Dad on a cliff-climbing expedition - showing Dad how to do it. Photo-0016  Out with my friend Andrea for a bike-trail-run. She is such a hoot! Photo-0018  On the Pillbox trail - cell phone pic to daddy.
IMGP0132  The boys playing nicely one weekend morning. It's a dino puzzle with numbers! Ben's job is to put the 1s in their places. IMGP0193  Jumping off a lava shelf at one end of North Beach. IMGP0199  Pretty good snorkeling out there - lots of HUGE surgeonfish. Like daddy's fortress? IMGP0202  Ben does!
IMGP0203  Sam has a 102 fever so we figured the cool water would be good for him as a change of pace. Little head cold but good fever. Hoping none of us get it - Dave is on leave for a week (well, other than the day he goes in on Wed, and the other day he's on call to ride a submarine). We have not been able to actually get away this year for a wide variety of reasons, but it's just as well - enjoying every square inch of this island before we move. IMGP0205  What a trooper he is... IMGP0209  Daddy loves to walk around on a lava shelf any chance he gets. Maybe he misses being on a carrier? Or a submarine? IMGP0210
IMGP0211  Sam and I collected a huge tone of little worm shells to make a wind chime - a mac-and-cheese-chime! IMGP0213  Such a handsome dude :) TheKrugsPHShelter  This is a great photo taken by my friend Liisa Roberts (LiisaRoberts.com) - it will be in the Sept issue of Military Spouse magazine! Ben was 6 months old or so at the time. This is the Judd Memorial Trail.