Rock concert pool party

IMGP2947  Sam planned a rock concert and pool party several days ago, telling me whom to invite and when it would be. Last night he picked out the hot dogs and snacks for his friends. He chose well, huh? Give your friends the good stuff, man, that's the way to be a popular guy! IMGP2952  So here we are, jamming to "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" (which we were) in our swim suits so we were ready for anything - showers if they came, then pool. IMGP2953  This is the stage :) IMGP2955  These are Michelle's three great kids.
IMGP2965  Whoa! Some stage jumping might have happened! Michelle said "No stage diving, ok?" I sort-of heard that, but then my mischievous brain offered that they could jump (since Sam jumps off here all the time). Oops! I explained that stage jumping is different than diving, right? I guess I have those pool rules mixed up with concert rules! LOL :) IMGP2967  Look at these guys :) Now we have The Band's "The Last Waltz" on. The Band celebrated their last concert in 1971 (I think) by inviting all their friends to play with them. It's a great concert. And suitable for inviting all of our friends to the deck concert. Good choice, Sam. IMGP2968  Ben uses anything for a microphone. He LOVES to sing at the top of his little lungs :) IMGP2970  Sam's faces are so funny - you can tell he's been watching some dynamic performers :)
IMGP2971  Eva on the drums! IMGP2974  Ooops! More stage jumping! IMGP2977  Michelle plays the sax...grownups bring instruments next time! IMGP2979  Go Michelle!!!
IMGP2981  A last set before we grill up some dogs. IMGP2982  Lunch time! IMGP2983  Then a romp in the pool - who cares if it's grey out, when kids run and play, they are warm! And we're wet anyway. With virtually no lightning or thunderstorms in Hawaii, it's safe to swim almost any time it rains. IMGP2986  Getting splashed by the first wave of jumpers :)
IMGP2987  Look at the form on these kids! IMGP2991  Little Ben is not to be left out! IMGP2994  Doing funny faces under water :) IMGP2996
IMGP2997  Nice one! IMGP3004  Now it's pouring! IMGP3005  We're going - it's much warmer to stay in until the rain passes! IMGP3006  Big guy :)
IMGP3008  Eating Cheetos to stay warm. They also work well as life preservers. Michelle and I thought they'd make a good raft if stuffed into clothes tied together. They don't seem to lose shape in the water. Hmmmm... Great time, guys! Thanks for joining us!