Old Pali Rd to Lookout hike

IMGP2893  Swinging on a banyan tree :) IMGP2896  Sam loves the guy in the middle's face :) Looks like his own "Look at mah faaaace" face :) IMGP2898  Leading the charge :) IMGP2901  Another funny face :) What a great tribe of kids - 8 kids and 3 moms.
IMGP2902  Hey there! IMGP2903 IMGP2904 IMGP2906
IMGP2908  The wind was super strong! IMGP2910  Whoa! IMGP2911  Such nice girls! IMGP2912  Look at that funny face!
P1010010  Pointing out the quarry to the gang. P1010020  Almost to the lookout! We did it! Thanks to Kristi for this one! P1010021  In the "snack cave" - used by "ancients" before the tunnels were finished. Thanks for catching a shot of our group Kristi - you're right, the camera would have blown away! IMGP2914  Time for more snacks on the way back down :)
IMGP2917  These kids have done almost five miles and 900 ft elevation gain. IMGP2918  Who's got the messiest rump? IMGP2920  Ben loves his new friend :) P1010033  On the way back down - great shot, Kristi!