Independence Day

IMGP3018  We descended upon our friends' home for grilling and fireworks - Holly and Richie sit for Sam and Ben, so they feel like family :) We're on their balcony ready for fireworks to begin. Thanks again for having us! Kailua Fireworks  Nice view from their balcony! IMGP3032  This Kailua Independence Day Parade is something else - two hours long! The boys enjoyed it all, especially the trucks. Could use some more music but it is an election year so many entries were politicians and their cadre. I managed to accidentally pick a spot next to some well-connected folks who were able to give me the bios of the candidates as they strode over to shake hands with us. IMGP3034  See Uncle Sam?
IMGP3040  And the Governor! IMGP3046  PopPop would like this one :) IMGP3051 love love the vets. IMGP3061  And a float!
IMGP3067  This was pretty cool. They must have been fairly hot, though. IMGP3069  If you can read the signs, enjoy. Made me laugh. Their message might garner more credibility if their signage wasn't so homespun. They marginalized themselves here, yet their encouragement for considering natural childbirth is a welcome message (vs unnecessary inductions and elective c-sections). IMGP3070  Very aloha-style. IMGP3072  Candy for boys from many entries!
IMGP3077  Thanks to our parade-buddies, we got a nice picture of the three of us for daddy. IMGP3080  Love bagpipes! I still want to learn to play. IMGP3083  Ben LOVED this one - and they even honked for us! IMGP3084  Look at his face enjoying seeing "HURRY!" And Sam looks like a bicycle cop - very official.