Vaca Bible School

IMGP0165  The first day setup - see the big boat? The week centered on Paul's shipwreck. IMGP0167  Sam's table leader is on the far left, the lady to the far right was one of the lead teachers. Sam's table leader, Jenny, homeschools her two kids. IMGP0171  That is "Jack" - one of the characters of the week. Ben was so scared of the sunscreen (zinc oxide) on Jack's nose ALL WEEK! He does not like a white nose! :) IMGP0173  Out ona  date with mommy at the Starbuck's on base while waiting for the grand finale to begin on Friday morning.
finalefriday1[2] IMGP0182  The pre-teens horsing around :) The guy with the funny face volunteered in Sam's class. IMGP0184  There's Sam raising his hand to answer a question. He caught on really quick to the hand-raising thing! No worries about school now :) IMGP0179  Sam's class performing one of their songs.