2010-08 AUG

Bees and Batteries campout

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Pu'u Ualaka'a

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IMGP0220  An impromptu hike up to Koko Crater. Would you believe these strong-willed boys went all the way up to the little hump you can see halfway from the telephone pole to the top? They went up 800 stairs (Ben on his own!). They got a bit loopy so we turned around and went down. Sam has hiked the whole thing on his own but this was Ben's first attempt...decided to take it easy on him since it was hot and we had not intended to do this one, we just ended up there. IMGP0222  Here we are at the bottom. IMGP0225  Coming back down - we were really close to the top! IMGP0230  These stairs are really steep. My quads were sore for days hauling Ben's bulk down, plus water and supplies.
IMGP0231  Everyone in one shot, amazing! IMGP0233  Sam at the eye doctor for a checkup before school starts. They were very thorough! Here they're checking depth perception. IMGP0234  Out at one of our favorite beaches. On this morning I saw the biggest parrotfish I have EVER seen! It was literally four feet long! That is longer than they are believed to grow. I am sure that's what it was - I was really amazed. IMGP0239  The boys love studio time with Dad.
IMGP0240  They all play and sing, Sam calling out chords, or following Dad's lead. IMGP0243 IMGP0244  Ben singing loudly! IMGP0246
IMGP0251  Snorkel time up at Shark's Cove! IMGP0256  Cute box fish! IMGP0262  And a large surgeon fish. IMGP0265  Another cute box fish!
IMGP0268  Learning the Hawaiian way to harvest coconuts! IMGP0271  I'm told this huge, mysterious shipment which totally blocked traffic on the narrow streets of the North Shore was part of the set for Pirates of the Caribbean. There were two such trucks. IMGP0273  First day of school! IMGP0277  Oh man! It's so intense! A double rainbow!!! All the way across the sky! What does it MEAN? (Have you seen the video of double-rainbow-guy? Google it - it's hysterical and this is what greeted us on our way out the door to school!)
IMGP0278  Whoa! Sam was the one who noticed it and said "Mom - it's a double rainbow! Faaar out!" IMGP0282  We have an ask-me list so we don't forget to tell Daddy the good stories of the day. (Stories posted on the day this shot was taken.) IMGP0284  Out on a hike with our buddy from school - Claudia and her son Andrew. IMGP0288  Andrew is another big guy who reads! He is a very cool guy, a good friend for Sam.
IMGP0290  And his mom is super cool, too! IMGP0291  Here's Andrew! IMGP0293  Hanging out at Friendship Garden, with a nice view of Kbay. IMGP0296  Ben's gotta peek, too.
IMGP0297  And Sam is a ham! IMGP0299  Driving to Sam's uke lesson...playing ukes to Eddie Kamae, on the uke Eddie gave Sam! It's his new favorite - it's a concert uke, so we take very special care of it, but he loves to play it so much now that he's grown into it that it's hard to get him to play on his practice uke. 2010-AUG The Poi Boys  the guys playing their ukes on the way to Sam's lesson! IMGP0304  Towers pool - learning to bounce then jump and grab knees. Ben actually went off the diving board, too! He went twice, then decided it was too spooky!
IMGP0312  There goes big brother! IMGP0314  Just landed off the high dive! IMGP0316  Daddy has great form...watch this series. IMGP0317
IMGP0318  He hasn't lost any form, has he? He is truly amazing. Very athletic. IMGP0319  Wow! IMGP0320 IMGP0321  I love this one of Sam! He's going off the high dive again!
IMGP0325  Mom helping Ben get over his scaries. IMGP0332  A recent painting of Ulupa'u Crater on the Marine Corps base where we have spent so much time running, going to the commissary, church, etc. The sand is green due to olivine, a mineral spewed out during the eruption. I'm glad inspiration struck and I'll have a keepsake which reminds me of so many memories there. sam to school  On our way to school! We bike over every morning, and Sam is learning to unlock his own bike and walk it to the front of the school in the afternoon where Ben and I pick him up in the truck or on our bike. IMGP0334  Out on a hike after school. We went to the Judd trail and played in the stream. Sam found this huge stick which he insisted on carrying around the whole hike. It was like hiking with a third, clumsy, very tall bamboo child.
IMGP0340  "Mom, the twees are going wike dis!" IMGP0341  Such a great time with the boys. Again - was tired, not sure I wanted to battle traffic to do this, etc. But it was worth it to get outdoors again after a long, hot day inside for Sam. IMGP0342  Here's Tall Tom. Sam did some incredible math to convert inches to yards - only missing the conversion of 102" to yards by 6". I actually thought he had done it until we told Dad at dinner. Amazing. IMGP0348  There goes Tall Tom! Please, don't stab us, Tom! (Tom tended to lurch backwards from time to time.)
IMGP0351  Finding a small small bug in the stream. It's like hiking with a BBC documentary film maker :) IMGP0352  Jackass Ginger Pool in the 4 o'clock light. IMGP0356  Sure, fine - go ahead and get in! IMGP0358  That's what washing machines are for. Unexpected mud romps or swims.
Copy of IMGP0366  Banyan tree time, of course...but into a road? Really, do we have to do this? Ok, I'll stand guard. Just once more, though, ok? IMGP0368  This is why we have to do this...see the smile? IMGP0369  Gorgeous little roadside flower. IMGP0372  "Ben, stop!" Sam looks very nice heading into school!
IMGP0373  We don't always get him to wear collared shirts (they're not his preference) but he sure looks great, doesn't he? This is a little post where we lock his bike. They do not have a bike spot for kindergarteners or first graders. The bike locking area is way across campus, so we break a few rules (biking across campus and locking it here) but that's just the way it is. IMGP0385  The post where we meet Sam - so his bike is not tripping kids up while they stream into cars for pickup. I bring him a can of cold sparkling water for after school. Here Ben and I are on our bike to get Sam. IMGP0390  Bento-style lunch...really like this concept. The Japanese eat Bento lunches in a 4:3:2:1 ratio (carb (rice usually:meat/fish:veggie (picked usually):dessert). The school is trying to avoid nut products coming in the lunches due to a severe allergy, so we have gone Pac-Rim and adopted this method to allow for more creativity. This is honey/butter on whole grain omega-3 fortified bread, hummus, veggies, grapes and Hershey's kisses (not shown). IMGP0468  At the aquarium with the boys. These are some very large fish!
IMGP0472  Ben was really entranced by it all - saying "They're IN there!!!" IMGP0475  Look at all the little faces :) IMGP0485  Thanks to a peanut ban on campus, I have discovered the art of a bento box lunch. 4:3:2:1 carb/protein/veggie/dessert ratio. Opens up a lot of nutrition doors, I must say! Gone are the pb and j days! This particular day dessert is a sugar-free Jello snack pack. That was the envy of the other kids eating school food! IMGP0487  Out on an after-school hike. Great time to unwind.
IMGP0494  Ben and mommy chatting while Sam climbs around in a hau bush tangle. IMGP0498  Real monkey bars!!! IMGP0499  Opportunities abound to learn shapes. IMGP0507  Doing a waterslide while a photo shoot is going on in the background. A bit odd, but not entirely uncommon here. I found the juxtaposition very funny. No - that is NOT me in the background.
IMGP0509  Hiking back out together. IMGP0515  A big water tower! IMGP0518  More antics! IMGP0552  Huge crabbies! You can find these in the sand if you look for large holes and dig in to find them sleeping during the day, trying to stay out of the heat. This man grew up on the Big Island, so he kindly taught us what he knew about how to catch these guys.
IMGP0553  Sam is pretty brave! IMGP0558  These guys scared the bjeebers out of me - I thought I was being tailed by a shark or something and high-tailed it back to shore. Turns out it was them! IMGP0559  This is a trigger fish - can you believe the teeth on this???? I was shocked! Wish the macro had focused on the right thing here but you get the idea. Looks like a horse!