2010-09 SEPT

IMGP0568  Sam playing his new guitar - Daddy came home with a new drum set and a new guitar as a big surprise! Sam has been playing drums for about 18 months on second-hand drums from his friends. One of the sets made it all the way across the island to Goodwill where I hunted it down by phone and had them hold it for mom who grabbed it for Sam! So now we have three drums sets, only one of which we've purchases. The second-hand ones are very very worn, though, and too rickety to stay together. Ben's set has only one intact side, the other is blown out, but he doesn't mind a bit :) IMGP0570  Sam has been so very happy to have a guitar to play as well as his uke. He is very good about alternating instruments despite being enchanted with his guitar. He has been playing uke while Dad plays guitar at night in the "studio" but now they can both play the same chords. IMGP0573  Putting the new set together with Daddy. IMGP0575  The garage band - Sam and Ben playing drums with Daddy on guitar :)
IMGP0577  Out mountain biking with a new friend, Sabrina, who is a longtime friend of Angel's. I was supposed to run with Heidi, then Heidi invited Sabrina. Turned out that Heidi couldn't come. Then I popped in at Angel's and she said "Oh you're running with Sabrina tomorrow!" Guess I should be on FB then I would have known all this :) It was fun this way, though, not knowing who would be pulling up into the driveway :) IMGP0580  There's Sabrina! She was such a trooper out in a bit muddier conditions than we anticipated! IMGP0583  There we are 4.5 miles later! IMGP0614  Cute fishie - not sure who this is.
IMGP0618  Out at North Beach where we hooked up with Michelle's family and another of Sam's friends (Andrew and his mom). Great morning! I saw a number of neat fish. 2010-Sept Redlip Parrotfish  Including this really large redlip parrotfish - I swear it's 4 ft long but Dave has his doubts about me and my large parrotfish. This is the second time I've seen an enormous one! IMGP0621  Ben learning to ride on mommy for snorkeling time. He likes to steer me :) IMGP0632  The menfolk like to build "tall tall towers!" and big bathtubs that they jump into.
IMGP0633  Dave and his boys :) 2010-Sept Barracuda  Another super cool fish sighting! Two Great Barracuda!!! Hard to see but look for dark dorsal fin and dark tail fin slithering along in the middle of the screen. IMGP0639  Dinner and volleyball at Mike and Angel's house over Labor Day weekend. It was so great to have the A Team together for our first team sport! (April in back, me and Angel in foreground.) We've known each other since NR1 days in 2001 and now we all live in the same town in Hawaii! How fantastic is that!? There's Sam helping us out :0 IMGP0649  We did some synchronized swimming, too - making an A here. This is our halftime show :)
IMGP0651  Rich and Mike - the hubbies - taking on the A team with Sam's help. IMGP0654  And big Ben! The boys spent literally 2 1/2 hours in the pool! It was so great to have them corralled so we could talk. That's on top of 2 hours at the ocean in the morning! They were tired that night :) IMGP0655  Ben looks like a little coach, doesn't he? IMGP0656  Go Sam!
Ben and Gen Grievous  Out on a jog on the beach - we found General Grievous some weeks ago in the beach park, so he rides around in the stroller with us. We had to ask around to find out what he was! Jogging with Ben on the beach is a great workout, and a really nice way to start the morning. We drop Sam off at school and keep on going down to the beach. At the other end of the beach we get out and do some "football practice" (funny running moves and stuff) on the sand, build towers and sometimes go get coffee and muffin to share afterwards. IMGP0658  After-school swimming time with Andrew and Claudia. Ben is cleaning off after a big wave - that's a smile and a laugh :) IMGP0659  Sam and Andrew sizing up the waves. They are a good pair. IMGP0660  Ben looking all cute and that's my buddy Claudia in her new board shorts (she managed to forget swim bottoms so she bought some at the corner store!).
IMGP0664  Lots of romping and tossing for these boys! They had a great time. Went for pizza at Bob's afterwards. I've never seen two young boys eat quite so much! IMGP0665  I got a bit wet photographing them :) IMGP0666  And got wiped out by a wave! this one almost took my bottoms off! IMGP0668  Ben enjoyed himself immensely!
IMGP0669  Little guy in a bed of foam! IMGP0670  And ta-da! He's up! IMGP0673  Birthday party for Andrew at Bishop Museum - he is 6! Theme was space...so these are rocket caps. IMGP0674  Little cutie :)
IMGP0678  Sam and I decided days ago to make Aidan a Uranus orb from blue Jello with a rocky core (peanut butter cookie remolded into a core). Now, I Googled this, and much to my dismay I've never seen a Jello orb made - like a sphere. There was no record of such an endeavor. So we opened up the test kitchen and tried several things. Next time we will just scoop out an orb of Jello because trying to get it to come out of a mold is very hard. Perhaps there's something I could buy, but the blue orb split open when we flipped it over and plopped it out. After dusting with sugar (methane gas) Aidan took a bite - despite his premonitions (he went "Uhh!" when it dumped out) he seemed to enjoy it! Aidan party3  Do you see the methane clouds? Isn't methane the gas that comes out when one - ahem - passes gas? This is all getting too funny! IMGP0679  My boys were not afraid of eating Uranus' rocky core! IMGP0681  Decorating rocket cakes.
Aidan party1  Sam played "Happy Birthday" on his uke for Aidan. Aidan party2  Doesn't he look relaxed and comfortable with his uke? He is really quite amazing doing chords for a new song in front of friends. IMGP0684  In the lava show after the planetarium. It was a very busy day. Duke Aiona (candidate for gov of HI) was also doing a fundraiser there. That's a stream of lava coming out of a 2000 degree cooker thing. IMGP0688  Took the boys to see Jupiter from a good vantage point on base. This is the moon and Arcturus (or Hokuleia - the Hawaiian wayfinding star in the western sky).
IMGP0689  And the speck in the middle, above the lights, is Jupiter! It blinked out at us from the clouds a couple times and by the time we got home it was high enough in the sky to see from our deck. Very cool way to end the busy day. IMGP0691  The highlight of this weekend - getting to meet a baby octopus! A fisherman found it and brought it to us. It was so nice of him - they did not kill it, they just let us see it then release it. See the jet? That's how it propels itself. IMGP0695  Very sticky tentacles - very very sticky! IMGP0696  That's Claudia and Andrew pointing.
IMGP0700  Sam very gingerly trying to transfer it from Claudia's arms. Wish human babies were this sticky - it'd make it a lot easier to get household chores done if they could just latch on with 8 arms! IMGP0702  Trying to transfer it to Andrew...but it slipped away very quickly! IMGP0704  Off to do some jumping...this is "Jump Rock". IMGP0706  Andrew doing his first rock jump!
IMGP0710  Ben flirting with a new friend, Lily. IMGP0711  Sam jumping again! IMGP0714  The boys had so much fun horsing around with moves and faces on top of the rocks - posing for pictures. Loved to hear their laughs! IMGP0717  More jumping together!
Photo-0038  Shimmying up a 12' pole - no problem! He did this enough times that we got a chance to add up his total linear feet - 41 ft climbed! Photo-0041  Joe Cool on da bech with mom for a jog :) We got to watch the Blue Angels flying overhead as they practiced for the air show.