2010-10 OCT

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Pu'u Ohia

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IMGP0762  Very dangerous, but very difficult to say no to - concerts on the "stage" :) IMGP0766  At the carnival during the air show - trying out a climbing wall for the first time! IMGP0768  Ben in a real helicopter! I wonder how the pre-flight check is after letting air show-goers in for a look-see? IMGP0769  Dad and boy :)
IMGP0777  Mom and Ben up in a C-130, waving. Ben had been sick the night before, but we are thinking we're fine at this point - over it. Little did we know... IMGP0778  Cutie. IMGP0786  First carnival ride on his own - in a little helicopter! He really enjoyed doing his own thing :) IMGP0792  Still talks about steering it :)
IMGP0802  Now it's Sunday, we've had a nice breakfast of crepes and a little walk around peaceful Byodo In. The fun starts again soon, though... IMGP0804  Talking about money as Ben raids the buddha's change - donations dropped into his folded lap. IMGP0810  Funny looking water, isn't it? Lots of swan droppings? IMGP0813  Pretty shot by Dave.
IMGP0818  Da gong! Ring da gong, Sammy! IMGP0823  Out on a field trip with Sam's class - this is Wednesday. Sam and I have gotten sick, and well by this point. Just a touch of lactose intolerance hanging on to make things interesting (I didn't know yet what it was that caused sporadic "eruptions"). Sam was still very lethargic, but really rallied for the trip to the play. I was a bit horrified when some of the girls started going "I feel SIIIICK!" Oh no! That's NOT what I wanted to hear, or imagine! IMGP0827  Little boys finding great excitement in cleaning the bathroom one night, while awaiting Daddy getting home late from work and mommy wondering what in the world to feed them (still upset tummies, but BRAT getting really BORING!). They were so cute cleaning! At this point I am a cleaning NUT and figured playing with cleaning supplies was probably the best thing we could all be doing. IMGP0828  "Wike dis, mom." See water next to cleaning supplies? No big guzzles for him - he has bad reflux, so only sippy cups. Lesson learned...
IMGP0851  This is over a week later...we are finally out and about like old times, only now mom has a head cold! But, adventure calls. Ben is sitting in the stroller watching us work this obstacle out. Sam is catchin' some air, man! IMGP0852  Oh no! Look at his face! He already knows it's going to end badly :) IMGP0853  Oh yes! Catchin' some major air man! Nice soft place to land, though. IMGP0854  I decided to give it a try on Sam's bike. That is NOT easy to do on a small bike. I got tossed!
IMGP0860  Rockin' it this time. Learning the value of perseverance. IMGP0888  This puddle we named "Tar Pit" puddle - look at the bike. The mud is SO thick you can't pull it out, nor does the bike fall over. We decided to just play in it! IMGP0890  Jumping from side to side - trying to be a dino who doesn't get stuck :) IMGP0894  Oh yes - called this one "poo puddle" for obvious reasons. Wait 'til you see Ben's face in the next shot.
IMGP0895  He's like a wise old man thinking "Um...Sam?" IMGP0899  And this puddle is "Pacific Puddle" - it is so deep it has waves! IMGP0901  Crossing through a puddle with a nice gravel bottom - you can actually ride through this one! It's a handlebar-cleaner! IMGP0902  After lunch dessert - a good literacy tool. Reading the flavors of the Jelly Bellys :)
IMGP0930  Dave and Sam going to the USS Bowfin. IMGP0931  Ben having a date with mommy - checking out the periscope area of a submarine. IMGP0935  Steering wheel! Big one! IMGP0938  Afternoon jam session!
IMGP0939  Playing some Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen... 2010-Oct Jam Session  Sam and Dave jamming on the deck. IMGP0966  After waffles, we found the boys snuggled up together just lounging :) IMGP0967  Now they're doing "I want my snack I want my snack" with a funny voice and a finger under the nose - something Sam came up with spontaneously about 3 years ago :)
IMGP0977  Ben getting his first haircut! Very excited about the lollipop! IMGP0978  All three boys got a haircut! IMGP0988  Now at the Bishop Museum for the "Creatures from the Abyss" exhibit. This is a demo submarine with a video and viewports. Kinda like Dave's NR1? IMGP1009  Now we're off to Eddie and Myrna Kamae's documentary  "Those Who Came Before" premiere in Waikiki!
IMGP1010 IMGP1011  Sam is featured in the documentary at the end - playing Twinkle Twinkle with Eddie. What a treasured couple they are and an honor for Sam to be featured alongside. IMGP1013  There they are! This was Sam's first time in a movie theater as well! Copy of IMGP1015  So the bag of popcorn was a HUGE hit!
IMGP1015 IMGP1018  Josh and Ang (and Rachel) over for Oktoberfest dinner - brats and spaetzle made by Dave! IMGP1020  Mommy and her friend, together again! IMGP1021  There they are!
IMGP1025  Found on the beach, but I think this is an old O'ahu tree snail shell. I sent it off to a guy who makes nature documentaries. Nice guy - Rob Nelson - who I found online. He made a video of a tree snail laboratory where they are breeding and raising them. Maybe one of his buddies can tell me for sure if this is a tree snail shell. IMGP1027  Grammie and Grandpa are here! Ben getting to read a story. IMGP1033  A trip to the beach... IMGP1035  Snorkeling with Dad was fun.
IMGP1040  There's the Billfish! IMGP1041  Fairly good visibility today, and good clearance over the coral. IMGP1042 IMGP1044  A threadfin butterflyfish pair. They mate for life. I was wondering what it might be like to be a fish - they don't have arguments I guess because it's hard to hear  under water?
IMGP1046  Funny dad - that's a great picture! Shaka brah! Ben looking on in amusement :) IMGP1049  And Sam out snorkeling with us :) IMGP1052  Even got me, too! Tonight is moonrise over the Mokuluas... IMGP1056  A full moon rise in Lanikai! It was gorgeous down near the horizon, with a boat floating across its visage.
IMGP1057  Shell pictures for Marilou :) These are tiny tiny - like 5mm - in a tide pool on a prickly sharp lava shelf. IMGP1059  Resting in the gloaming. IMGP1061  Here is the shelf where we found them. IMGP1069  You have to walk on a narrow ledge to get there, maybe 10 ft above the beach.
IMGP1073  Jumping off the lava shelf into the water, with Grandpa looking on. IMGP1077  Doesn't he look like he's walking on water? IMGP1079  Checking for a good roller to catch as he jumps in. IMGP1091  Dad and Marilou :)
IMGP1092  Working their way back to safety as tide comes barreling in. IMGP1099  Some limu Marilou liked as well. Testing out the macro after the camera had been in the water. IMGP1101  Ear limu. IMGP1109  "Waitin', waitin' on a sunny day!"
IMGP1110 IMGP1118  More singing :) Those are microphones...could you tell? IMGP1125  Nice last jump! IMGP1126  Romping time before bath! Everyone says this is such a bad idea, getting all wild before bed, but we've always enjoyed that time with the boys getting their ya-yas out :)
IMGP1130  Now Grandpa has been recruited because Dad is at work. Grammie looks on with mild amusement mixed with a tad of concern. IMGP1133  Snorkeling with Dad! IMGP1136  While Grammie and boys have some snacks. IMGP1147  Sam is using a nice bag Grammie got him for collecting treasures. He was pedaling his feet to stay afloat while working the zipper and stuffing this bag. Who says guys don't multitask well?
IMGP1149  My buddy! IMGP1150  Air bubbles released by the coral. I think...definitely air bubbles though. IMGP1152  Climbing, like Uncle Tom. IMGP1154  Very satisfied with himself for making it past a spooky spot where a bee was hanging out.
IMGP1161  Had to take some pictures of Ben in nothin' but his reef shoes. I can't get enough of this cutie before he gets too grown up. So enjoy... IMGP1162  Only 1 more! IMGP1174  Awww - mommy loves you! IMGP1177  Another day at the beach! We love this place!
IMGP1183  Boogie board marine biology laboratory. IMGP1184  Collecting specimens, when he found a hitch-hiker crab! 2010-10 boogie board laboratory  The boogie board laboratory :) IMGP1268  Sam and Grammie made a wonderful craft together for her to take home and keep in the kitchen window. And that is a neat shirt they decorated together! What special memories of time spent relaxing and just being together.
IMGP1270  The gang! Photo-0044  Ben says this is his "skull" face - and he's licking a lollipop :) IMGP1281  Oh yeah - drool, too! IMGP1285  Grandpa built a very ingenious ladder for Sam to use to climb up pretty high. He likes to shimmy around in these palms all the time, so he and Grandpa worked for quite some time building the ladder. Meanwhile, Mommy was thinking about what kind of "Grandpa" insurance rider she might need to add to the policy...for Ben.
Photo-0043  Superman tackling the monkey bars an alternate way.