IMG 4398 IMG 4422 IMG 4432 IMG 4442
IMG 4444 IMG 4451 IMG 4455 IMG 4469
IMG 4472 IMG 4478 IMG 4482 IMGP0913  Out for a nice hike with a large collection of friends - Ben's new friends. I think there were 7 kids age 7 and younger!
October 035 October 040 IMGP0915  All the moms (and a dad) pitched in - each helping whomever's paw reached for a hand. IMGP0916  What a great dad out with all of us and helping out. This is Jan - he and Kristina (next photo) are from Germany. We met them on the beach!
IMGP0917  Kristina with two of Brenda's girls. IMGP0918  Nice hands! IMGP0920  Testing strawberry guava they harvested themselves! Great eye, Amy! IMGP0923  I think I got everyone in this shot. Sam is up front holding hands with little Sam, a two year old friend of Ben's.
October 051 IMGP0925  Now we're cleaning off legs! IMGP0926  Pretty sunlight over the stream. October 060