2010-11 NOV


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Holo holo Thanksgiving

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IMGP1335  Out on a hike wiht some good buddies :) IMGP1345  Some trail chase :) IMGP1350  Learning to cross arms like daddy. IMGP1351  Camden checking out a cool tree!
IMGP1354  Now all the boys are in - this was an all-boy hike! IMGP1360  Good shaka, Ben :) This is "jump-off" tree. IMGP1362  The last steep climb back to the truck. IMGP1366  Making a huge volcano with daddy.
IMGP1368  Our friend's little girl, Rachel, trying out a sand toy for the first time! IMGP1369 IMGP1374  The caldera grows... IMGP1380  "Ah! Mom! Don't take a picture of ME! Only the huge volcano crater!"
IMGP1381  Ben saying "I'm in the ballcano!" IMGP1388  Working together peacefully for a moment. Every now and then we catch a glimpse of what I hope will be the emergence of friendship more than rivalry. IMGP1450  While waiting for a flight to the mainland, Dave and Sam broke out the checkerboard for the first time. Here is Sam learning the ins and outs of the game. He loves this time with his dad and is a quick learner. He just gets very attached to his Kings and doesn't want to sacrifice even one. Leads to many a stalemate ;0 IMGP1473  After breakfast at Big City Diner, Sam and Ben decide to go get balloons. I offered to let Sam walk Ben around and show him how to ask for one. Letting the boys depend on each other a bit to solidify a bond of friendship vs rivalry. Here they are struggling through the heavy door, hand in hand.
IMGP1475  And taken through the door (Mom, I can see you doing the same thing!) while they wait for a waitress to come help them. IMGP1477  A nice one came along and let them choose colors! IMGP1479  Waiting for it to be filled. IMGP1481  One for each! These balloons are like bringing home two extra babies, though. The boys like to walk them around, bop them at each other, bounce them around in the car, watch them dance in the wind blowing through the windows, screech when they get out of reach... But it's worth it. They love them.
IMGP1492  Taking the balloons on a little hike out in front of Big City Diner. IMGP1493  Peering out at a lady who is walking a dog. IMGP1494  Now at Sports Authority, rescuing one of the errant "babies." As it turns out, Alfonso knows us through my friend Heidi! See story posted on 11/22/10. IMGP1498  Then on to a hike at Kuliou'ou Valley. Beautiful forest.
IMGP1499  Boys having man time with Daddy. IMGP1500  And finding the opportunity to be nice to each other for a minute or two. IMGP1501  "Pot-too-bot! What does that mean? heh heh heh!" Priceless boys :) IMAG0007
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