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IMAG0012  We ran into our appraiser and her son out on the beach! SMALL WORLD here! We had a great time watching the boys (who are the same age) romp around being silly silly silly! We joined in the fun, too. IMAG0013  They were moving so fast my smartphone shutterspeed could NOT keep up! IMGP1667  Firing our fish that we created four weeks ago. They were glazed and ready for us to put in the kiln along with our medallions. In the meantime, we made... IMGP1669  Oh - here we are glazing the medallions first.
IMGP1671  Even little Ben concentrates so well despite being a high-energy dude. IMGP1675  Now we are making...GINGERBREAD houses! This is not good for the male ego, though. They are really really pesky to put together! Dave was not the only alpha male a bit testy with the whole thing :) Poor guy! He finally got it, though. IMGP1677  Look at all those man hands working hard together. Sam didn't even taste the frosting he was working so hard. IMGP1678  Can you believe that? A tube of frosting in Krug boy hands and it all went into the piece?
IMGP1681  But the decorating grew a little sparse due to some - ah hem - quality control officials. IMGP1683  All done with the firing! The teachers were great explaining about how clay has such fantastic insulating properties that it lines the kiln. It is also on the bottom of the space shuttle (ceramic tiles), and is in Tylenol to bind the medicine together. Interesting... IMGP1690  Little elves helping with decorating! Can you guess what is on this elf's mouth? IMGP1692  Showing Baby Jesus the fire truck (Jesus in Ben's right hand). He was very bossy to Baby Jesus. "No! You don't get in there! You get in HERE!"
IMGP1696  Dave's birthday breakfast at Boots and Kimos! This place usually has a line around the block, but very strangely this particular morning the waters parted and we were seated IMMEDIATELY. Crazy! IMGP1700  See the line now? Christmas 2010 decorating tree  A little movie of decorating time with the boys. IMAG0017  Out on the beach for a glorious morning with my little friend after dropping Sam off. Our routine on M W and F is to drop Sam off via bike/stroller and run down the beach to the Kalapawai end where I do some yoga (with Ben flopping around and ON me), then to Kalapawai for coffee and muffin and Ben holding court with his peeps. Then a jog home running errands along the way, such as library, screen door shop, bike shop (to repair my bearings after salt water and sand exposure), Salvation Army, etc. That pretty much kills the morning.
IMAG0018  At the Hawaii Youth Symphony concert with a group of military homeschoolers! I dismissed Sam early for this awesome event. We had a great time and went for smoothies afterwards. That's our old-time musical instruments book (the kind with the transparent pages?) which has a great layout of the orchestra. IMGP1702  That orchestra layout page I mentioned. The lady next to us was referring to it as well. IMGP1704  Smoothie boys! IMGP1707  Yum! Three Japanese ladies were totally oogling them and Ben was eating it all up :)
IMGP1701  Giving you a feel for the concert hall and how big an event it was. This was the third performance this morning and I think they do it for three days! Literally dozens of school buses lining the streets all around the block. I wish I had caught the orchestra doing the wave by section with their instruments up in the air. They were fun and the whole thing was just amazing! IMGP1710  Christmas Elves working on ornament presents for friends and family near and far. Powered by "candy cane-dees" per Ben. IMGP1715  Mommy powered by Jubelale (it's after 4pm). IMGP1718  P for Peace!
IMGP1723  Do you recognize your treat? Leslie - so fun to know yours made it in time to hang on the tree! IMGP1731  Sam made the one in the middle - the holes in the coral look like bubbles from a snorkel. photo  Finally - a year of no tears upon meeting Santa! 100MEDIA IMAG0024  Loved this truck! It's the Hawaii Food Bank truck.
IMGP1748  Making ornaments with my friend :) IMGP1752  Angie decorated her sand dollar with glitter glue...and she got to keep the one I made in the foreground. IMGP1757  My "Ha-wise-man" :) Hey, at least Tamara thinks it was funny :) IMGP1766  Sam's class for their Christmas performance.
IMGP1768 IMGP1769  Jaden! IMGP1770  And Sam... IMGP1771 : Jaden,Sam
IMGP1772  Can you believe this? Hey, whatever works during potty training time. Ben's uke concert  Here's the song that comes with that previous picture :) Uncle Tom says safest to walk close to cliff edge if cliff face is nearly vertical.  Uncle Tom says safest to walk close to cliff edge if cliff face is nearly vertical. IMG00005-20101219-1225  Out for some fun in the rain...
IMGP1839  And I have a friend willing to come along! With her two boys, too! IMGP1859  Lots and lots of water! sledding  This is why we needed the helmets! Ben snuggling up on a rainy day  Ben snuggling up on a rainy day
IMAG0034  Buying Daddy his Christmas present...Sam gets his hands on a 12 string... IMAG0035  Unfortunately, he likes it! Dad says he needs to wait a few more years. The tiny store is the size of a carport. This aisle is the width of the guitar. Can you picture me in here with running stroller, two boys, both with instruments, and Ben wanting to march around and play his uke? Good times... IMAG0037  At Mass with the whole family. Wouldn't you know our family was selected to carry the host forward (wine and wafers). Sam was given the wine to carry down in a glass vase. You can imagine how nervous I was. Dave reminded me later that while it would be a disaster if something happened, they are not the blood or body of Christ until consecrated. IMAG0038  After Mass - a big rain storm going through O'ahu. Sam thinks this is great fun, but Uncle Doug is in front of him with white pants on. Somehow Doug gets a real hosing whenever we go to church. One other time he was in linen pants for church and O Club brunch when I took him on a beach walk. A rogue wave got those pants.
IMAG0039  This time he was sandwiched between a pickup full of surfers who didn't slow down, and Sam running up from behind, jumping, laughing and splashing... oh boy! IMGP1984  The Segway tour goes on! (Not our group...just thought it was funny.) IMGP1985  To the Kaniakapupu ruins with the whole gang. I think 11 of us? IMGP1986  We warned them all it would be a bit muddy...
IMGP1987  Nicki has a constant, beautiful smile. She is one of Ben's best buddies. Nickie and Jesus that is! IMGP1991  Roma enjoying herself - Lelu not so sure about the mud! And Mama Cari outfitted in the right shoes for this. IMGP1992  Mom has it all - Crocs and trekking pole! Go mom! I think Richard has a life raft and flare. ;0 IMGP1994  These shots are blurry do to my aversion to flash, but you get the idea of the fun and squeals!
IMGP1995  Must have tall sticks. Ben uses his like a javelin! IMGP1997  There he goes! IMGP1999  Daddy is tall enough to avoid most of the danger...but the rest of us have to keep the 10 ft pole in mind. It's like bringing four preschoolers instead of two! IMGP2000  The gang at King Kamehameha III's summer palace.
IMGP2002  I suggested a jump - so here's #1 of 3 :) IMGP2003  Roma got some good air :) IMGP2004  Nice Cari and Lelu! IMGP2005
IMGP2006  The javelin king arrives! IMGP2007  Comparing sticks... IMGP2009  Two warriors... IMGP2011
IMGP2013  Such a good time with everyone! IMGP2014  The ruins at peace once again. IMGP2016 IMGP2017  A visit to the waterfall...very swollen stream with all the rain. Dave, Richard and I were all the watchful ones, reminding everyone there is a flash flood watch...
IMGP2022  But in they all went... IMGP2023  Adios! IMGP2024  Lelu wondering if her toes will ever be clean again. We didn't tell them this mud doesn't come off easily. IMGP2026
IMGP2030  Richard standing guard! IMGP2031 IMGP2033 IMGP2036  Look at those legs! Tita Bear is Ben's Godmother!
IMGP2039  Love this one! IMGP2041  Hi Nicki! Can you do this? (Make a face!) IMGP2042  At lunch - just had to get this shot of Doug, aka the Pig. IMGP2043  Smoothie boys at Sweet Home Waimanalo!
IMGP2044  Doug takes after Dad in the hot sauce arena! L1050582 L1050585 IMGP2048  Going to see Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaii!
L1050587 2010-12-26EddieKamaeMaryDougNoFlash  There's the man! 2010-12-26EddieMaryDougWithFlash IMGP2049  Yoga on the beach!
IMGP2050  Getting ready! Mats or no mats? They decided no mats. IMGP2052 IMGP2053  A honu (turtle) was visible in the water the entire time!