Koko  Here's what we're doing today! 1048 steps to the top! IMGP2055  Everyone at the start! Only 1,048 steps to go! The top is 1207 ft above sea level. IMGP2056  Lelu not sure about all this. She tried to tell me she wasn't going to come up but I didn't exactly hear her...and she made it! IMGP2057  Wow! Up pretty far already! 600 steps down...
IMGP2058  Taking a little rest stop... IMGP2059  This is how steep it is. IMGP2063  At the top with Doug! IMGP2064  Fueling up from the climb. Sam is such a trooper - 45 min to the top. He just barreled up the last 50 steps like a bear.
IMGP2065  A couple cute shots of us taken by a nice Hindu guy. IMGP2066 IMGP2068 IMGP2070  On our way down now! This is Sam's technique - there's a big advantage to having longer legs.
IMGP2072  And on the bridge he absolutely insisted crossing. I rode down the rails on my rump - too slippery! IMGP2074  The gang at the end with Koko Crater in the background! IMGP2075  Poor Hanako just flew in last night and it's been go-go-go ever since! She was famished! Doug says it's not summer camp, it's boot camp! IMGP2076  She is such fun  - Mary's childhood friend.
IMGP2077  And Doug's favorite activity - another group shot with everyone this time!