New Year's Day

2010-12-31NewYear'sEveBreakfastKalapawai (4)  It's our 9th anniversary so we had a New Year's Eve breakfast/lunch at our favorite date spot... 2010-12-31NewYear'sEveBreakfastKalapawai (2)  With the whole gang! How fun! 2010-12-31NewYear'sEveBreakfastKalapawai  Now it's too many days later - I don't remember what was so funny! It's enough to know that we all had so much fun together. 2010-12-31NewYear'sEveBreakfastKalapawai (3)  That's Hanako and her friend Margo at the end.
IMGP2222  New Year's Day at Kalama Beach park...the pictures say it all! We had so much fun on this gorgeous day. And best of all...Doug and Mary want to come back with the family again next year! They are out looking right now! IMGP2225  Smelling a plumeria :) IMGP2226 IMGP2236  Doug and Sam carving up the waves!
IMGP2246  "Sea crabs! Sea crabs!" IMGP2248  Karate chop to the waves! IMGP2257 IMGP2258
IMGP2259  The "scramble"! IMGP2279  Just love all the faces! IMGP2292  Oh boy! Now I'm trying to get all four in one shot! IMGP2293  As I get knocked down by a wave!
IMGP2294  I'm getting tossed over by waves as I take the shot! IMGP2295  Ben thinks it's funny to see mommy floating away while taking pictures! IMGP2296  Another one!!! IMGP2299  Each face is classic here...
IMGP2303  Look at Ben looking at me looking at a wave incoming! IMGP2304 IMGP2305  All five in a shot! IMGP2306
IMGP2307 IMGP2313 2010-12-31 (5)LanikaiKayakSUP  Heading home! 2011-01-01TokonameSushi (2)  Sushi dinner at Tokoname before the last of the crew leaves for the airport. Dinner for 12!
2011-01-01TokonameSushi (3) 2011-01-01TokonameSushi (4)  The sake comes in a little shot glass served in a little box of wood with MORE SAKE in it...very interesting. Served in a pool of chilled sake. Of course I made Doug drink from the box, leading to tales of misdoing from many many years ago when I made Doug eat other things that he really shouldn't have. 2011-01-01TokonameSushi (5)JesusBirthday  Jesus' birthday!!! Congratulations, Jesus! 2011-01-01TokonameSushi (7)Group  Wow - all but Ben appear in this one! Mama Cari, Jesus, Doug, John, Pita, Dave, (Ben), me, Mary, Richard, Sam and Oli. John and Jesus are Mary's brothers. One other brother had already gone home (Joseph and Lelu and their kids).
2011-01-01TokonameSushi  There was a lot of food going down the hatch...sad to see everyone go home but it's nice to have all these pictures. I just created THE LIST of activities for next year. Training plan to be shared in Aug, if not sooner. Apparently Dougie starts training for HI adventures at least 6 weeks in advance - he is always fit anyway but he really pours it on to get ready for hauling all that gear around for 10 days. Love you brother!