IMGP2079  Snorkeling! Two raccoon butterflyfish. IMGP2082  A surgeonfish. Lots of them visible. IMGP2088  Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (fish with nose like a pig) - the state fish of Hawaii - visible to right. Trumpetfish to left. IMGP2090  There's humu humu!
IMGP2092  And Doug-fish! IMGP2094 IMGP2098  A unicornfish - better view in video I took. IMGP2116  A lava shelf walk for Jesus and Doug, Daddy and Sammy.
IMGP2121  Me and my brother! IMGP2125  Sam loves to climb! IMGP2127 IMGP2130  Hi up over our cove.
IMGP2131  The view to the left - toward Pyramid Rock. Gorgeous day. IMGP2132