IMGP2133  The presidential motorcade forms up in front of our house as we load cars with coolers and caravan over to Bellows. The military decal cars have to sponsor on the other two. IMGP2135  Ben had just awakened from a nap so Mary wanted a cute picture with him while he was still calm and sweet :) IMGP2136  The Hogmanay festivities kicked off with a real honest-to-goodness pee-pee race to the bathrooms! IMGP2137  They are FAR away - like 1/4 mile! And through other camps we raced! These girls are real troopers - Doug hadn't read them the memo (my email invite) so they were totally unaware of what was to come. They had just eaten a bunch of Mexican food and margaritas - poor girls! I think one of them lost her slippers on the run, and the other nearly lost her shorts!
IMGP2141  Getting the fire started the Samoan chief way! This is part of the tradition...we will get it one year, I swear! 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (10) IMGP2142  John made a very good effort at it! 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (11)  Preparing our carving board...
IMGP2146  Now that the damp kiawe fire is started thanks to Doug's skill, we are ready to roast our beast. Doug is hacking our SPAM with my machete! IMGP2147  Dave is carving up the Portuguese sausages - purchased from Sam's school as a fundraiser. IMGP2151  Nicely filleted, Dave. Doug watches carefully :) IMGP2154  The girls maintain their distance, phones ready to capture important moments.
IMGP2156  Mom and Richard were instrumental in logistics and last-minute cup-purchases! IMGP2157  The boys had lots of fun playing with the Fontamillas "boys"! IMGP2158  Good throw, Sam! IMGP2159  Sun is setting too fast, but there's lots of fun to be had still!
IMGP2161  John and Ben! IMGP2166  Beer-braised SPAM? (This is how we cleaned the ones which fell through!) IMGP2168  John gets a go at the SPAM Lite :) IMGP2169  Nice!
IMGP2172  Mary got into the chase act, charging after those boys and growling while they shrieked with delight. IMGP2176  Trying our SPAM - Doug says it's "Shockingly good." IMGP2177  Next game - coconut tossing shot-put style to knock a beach chair down. "Harder than you might think," says Doug. IMGP2178  Going after it again!
IMGP2190  Go Mary! I managed to get mine THROUGH the chair in the bottom gap. Crazy! IMGP2191  Go Sam! IMGP2193  Jesus landed his IN the chair! King of the Camp! IMGP2195  So he got the lei from Doug to wear for a while, until the next guy earned it :)
IMGP2194  See the drink options? Very nice. IMGP2197  Tamara trying her FIRST SPAM BITE EVER. Look at Doug's face in the background. We have many images of this important, defining moment, when Tamara became a kama'aina (she just moved here in July). 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (64)  These are Richard's fabulous shots. 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (65)  Thinking, thinking...
2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (66)  Perhaps thinking "How in the world did Alli get me to try this?" or "I could survive on this in a tsunami." IMGP2199  Cathi!!! My dear friend and nurse anesthetist and marathon buddy. IMGP2200  Dave had the best chair coconut toss - he knocked it a good 5 ft end over end! 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (6)  My Christmas present from my mom! And my headlamp necklace. The perfect ready-for-anything Hogmanay outfit.
2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (7)  That's the look of mischief brewing... 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (8)  And mischief conceived! 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (9)  Hanako - Mary's maid of honor and friend from Kindergarten - so nice to have you with us! IMGP2202  Cathi's husband Fred taking a crack at the coconut shot-put!
IMGP2204  Looks like Fred got King of the Camp! 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (15)  Mary's mom and John's girlfriend chatting with my mom :) 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (17)  Cooking up the beasts! 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (18)  Uh - oh - what were we talking about? Something naughty for sure!
IMGP2205  Tamara was way too strong to catch on film putting her coconut! IMGP2207  Josh knocked the chair! Go Jose! IMGP2208  Love Ben marching around with his hotdog! IMGP2213  Every now and then I enjoy stepping back and admiring the melting pot of Hogmanay :)
2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (24)  Great catch, Sam! 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (25)  Jesus is a good buddy for the boys! He helped track down Ben, lost footballs, etc so he got to keep the King of the Camp lei. I hope he wears it home on the plane :) 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (43)  Kiawe smoked SPAM and sausage! Dave's only complaint about the evening was no veggies. Ok...probably a good point. But based on my invitation I am not totally sure anyone thought there would be a veggie? Maybe next year we bring a few raw carrots or something :) 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (46)  Go John!
2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (48)  What happened here? 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (49)  "That's not RESPECTFUL!" Ben got mad at Sam (after being hit in the face with a ball) and screamed this at the top of his lungs, entire body shaking and arm pointing. Mary has such a good imitation of him! 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (53)  The best Auntie Bear ever! 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (54)  Tita Bear's mommy is so dear - we have loved having you here, Cari/Butter!
2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (55)  My hubby enjoying himself immensely! ;0 You are such a good sport, going along with my wacky ideas. What would I do without you? Happy Anniversary, hubby! 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (58)  Actually quite a tasty array of beasts :) 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (59)  Hi Mommy! Nice picture of you relaxing fireside :) One of the few moments you were sitting. Hogmanay is really not for sitting. Did you notice that? That's why I forgot to mention people should bring chairs. We are all too busy making merry and mischief! 2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (61)  Love Tita Bear's hair. Love it.
2010-12-30HogmanayBellowsRichardCamera (63)  What are you thinking about? Nevermind. I don't want to know! IMGP2217  Packing up time! Mom is keeping boys busy with some cooler drumming using pool noodles, which were previously destroyed with "sword" fights. We had 5 boys between the ages 2 1/2 and 9 years. Wow. One little girl of a year - Rachel. Darn - just realizing I don't have a picture of Ang and Rachel? How did that happen? Maybe they were worried about the picture being posted here - a wikileak :) IMGP2221  Fred managing the boys fireside. Would you know that these 5 and 7 yr old boys got their poker sticks super hot, then put the cool end in their mouths and pretended they were cigars? Naughty boys!  Happy New Year to all, and to all a Fabulous Night! Thank you! 2010-12-30Hogmanay